/r/reditsubs, did my news upset you too much? I thought it was wonderful. Daily Bethea Astrology - January 17, 2022

2022.01.18 08:06 redit202 /r/reditsubs, did my news upset you too much? I thought it was wonderful. Daily Bethea Astrology - January 17, 2022

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2022.01.18 08:06 Cultural_Sea_3100 R.I.P Francisco Gento

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2022.01.18 08:06 Late-Humor ചുരുളിക്ക് പൊലീസിന്റെ ക്ലീൻചിറ്റ്; ഭാഷ കഥാപാത്രത്തിന് ഉതകുന്നത്

ചുരുളിക്ക് പൊലീസിന്റെ ക്ലീൻചിറ്റ്; ഭാഷ കഥാപാത്രത്തിന് ഉതകുന്നത് submitted by Late-Humor to MalayalamMovies [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 08:06 NesoReal За или против сте за обединена европейски съюз?

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2022.01.18 08:06 Ata2gx Submitting my SAT result to Umich

I have 1350 sat score with 760 math. I am applying to umich CS, I am international student. Should I submit my sat or go test optional.
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2022.01.18 08:06 goddamnmercy It can never just be fine huh

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2022.01.18 08:06 JustThink1ng [EU] Team Vengeance looking for 1-2 dutch players!

Hallo, mijn naam is Devin en ik ben de leider van Team Vengeance
Wat verwachten wij van jou:
- Faceit level 4+ (uitzonderingen mogelijk)
- We hebben geen vereiste leeftijd, wees gewoon volwassen - Eerdere teamervaring (of gewoon ervaring in het spel)
- Kan minstens 4 keer per week praccen.
- Goede mentaliteit (We zijn een groep die trots is op ons harde werk en onze toewijding aan het spel en het team en die op een zeer onbaatzuchtige manier handelt. Dit houdt ook in dat we er allemaal naar streven om op een positieve manier te communiceren, bijv. hard werken om negatieve tonen of zuchten uit onze communicatie te verwijderen)
- Focus op verbetering (We willen allemaal verbeteren, en we verwachten dat jij dat ook wilt. Dit betekent bijvoorbeeld het kijken naar demo's van anderen en jezelf, zowel samen als team als in je individuele tijd.
Voeg me toe op indien interesse: JustThinking#9158
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Devin0201
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2022.01.18 08:06 Accomplished-Toe-701 I need someone quick for this cayo i just wanna finish it

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2022.01.18 08:06 wholelottahate19 thoughts on the beatles?

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2022.01.18 08:06 Eltaf_isaar Best ever…

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2022.01.18 08:06 _capricorniada I've been eating healthy food and stayed under 1200 calories for 2 weeks now without a difference

So i started this year by cutting out junk food and snacks and ate only home cooked meals and fruits as snacks. I stay under 1200 calories every single day, not a single exception but i'm still the same as 3 weeks ago.
I tried not to be addicted and weight myself everyday but i felt like nothing is happening so i did eventually. Everyday i step on the scale naked and everyday it shows the same. 85.7 kg. For two weeks my weight is the same. Not going up, not going down. And i know i'm not doing anything wrong with the calories counting because my so eats the same (1500 calories tho) and he already lost 2kg! None of us does any phisical activity.
Is this about my body? Should i go see a doctor?
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2022.01.18 08:06 JAYTAGER10 Lopez for sell

We will have a bid in replies I will dm the winner any currency the only furniture you can bid is froggy chair
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2022.01.18 08:06 tomhusband My upgrade to OS 9...

Went perfectly. I thought I might have issues with my custom launcher but sometime, I guess in the dead of the night, it updated. Completely transparent to me. Good job, Nvidia!
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2022.01.18 08:06 meoweth_cat Hate

I hate my poems
Because I can only write them
When they're about things I hate

Like the way my father screams at me
Like the way my father glares at me
Like the way my father mocks me
My father

I hate that you make me cry
I hate that you helped me learn
How to hold back my tears

I hate how you know how to hurt me with words
I hate how you helped me learn
How to numb the pain

I hate that I can't hate you

I hate that I'm shivering as I type this on my phone
I hate how I'm afraid that you'll see this
I hate how I'm afraid you'll get hurt

I hate how I wonder
If you'll cry or will you scream
I hate how I can't decide which one's worse

And I hate that even if you'd hate me
I'll still love you anyway
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2022.01.18 08:06 sniper344 30 minutes of Gentle Rain, Rain Sounds for Sleep, Relaxing, Meditation,Relaxing Bird Sounds

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2022.01.18 08:06 ZoolShop Ben Roethlisberger was easy to admire as a quarterback, but not as a man | Pittsburgh Steelers

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2022.01.18 08:06 beyondmexico Top 5 trio moments.

  1. Mr Dilkington
  2. Manmoth
  3. Every boys fantasy
  4. You never see an old man eating a Twix
  5. We all looked at a cat licking it's bollocks
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2022.01.18 08:06 Slodrute Question about staking LP token from a Rookie

Hi all, sorry if I'm asking a dumb question but it seems I can't find a practical answer 😬 I just provided liquidity for a LNBNB LP and got the token; from what I understand I could theoretically stake that token to increase my earning but I cannot understand where should I stake it. Is it possible that since is not "common" is not an option to stake? Ty to whoever replies 😄
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2022.01.18 08:06 planet_taz Songs to listen to during a zombie apocalypse

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2022.01.18 08:06 cloctor 哈萨克政变,俄、中、西方谁输谁赢?

据俄罗斯媒体日前引述土耳其媒体Yeni Akit的报道说,他们得到普京与哈萨克总统电话的内容,普京答应出兵所开出的条件可能包括:要求哈萨克承认克里米亚属于俄罗斯;重新让俄语拥有哈萨克第二官方语言的地位;让北部的俄语系居民区享有自治地位;以及在哈萨克设立俄罗斯军事基地。1月6日,今日俄罗斯(RT)总编辑玛格丽塔·西蒙尼扬(Margarita Simonyan)发文唿吁,俄罗斯既然出兵相助,也应当向哈萨克提些条件,她给出一份包含6项条件的清单,与Yeni Akit的报道主要内容相同。英国《卫报》认为,这代表了俄罗斯国内不少人的心声,该报于1月6日发表一篇题为「普京在哈萨克冒险并希望获得回报」的分析文章,猜测集安组织出兵维和主要是俄罗斯决定的,而俄罗斯这么做就是希望期待获得丰厚回报。不管是否有这样的协议,俄罗斯趁机将哈萨克纳入俄罗斯势力范围却是事实。
全平台高速翻墙:高清视频秒开,超低延迟 免费PC翻墙、安卓VPN翻墙APP

中国禁闻网 2022年01月17日 SBS 作者: 何清涟
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2022.01.18 08:06 FFootball92 Waiver Wire Targets: Gameweek 23

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2022.01.18 08:06 frislistic For gy ro

Offering 10k mush + spec Yeba + rev token for gyro. I can a lil bit mush if it still not enough.
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2022.01.18 08:06 LaserChild9 Am I playing mage wrong?

So I have a level 10 mage, currently trying the find the damn venatori tomes for the Rift mage quest but so far my mage seems to do hardly any damage compared to the rest of the team. I haven't found a decent staff, but I spend most of my time auto-attacking as I am waiting on mana or cooldowns and when I do cast a spell the damage seems pathetic considering how long it will be until I can use another spell.
I started a new character, a dual wield rogue and she just shreds everything and already has daggers that have more damage than my mage. I want to feel powerful while playing, should I just stick with rogue? I love playing spell casters but the mage just feels unrewarding.
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2022.01.18 08:06 datajoblist [Hiring] 2 new data jobs 📈 – remote openings 🌎

Job title Company Location
Senior Data Analyst Podium Remote in US
Machine Learning Engineer Figure Remote in San Francisco, CA
If you are interested, we have more positions in data science, engineering, and AI
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2022.01.18 08:06 Willing-Clock-8884 IShowSpeed Ask IG Model HimynamesTee To Be His Girlfriend & HE barked at her

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