The internet is the modern library of Alexandria.

2022.01.18 07:51 mike_loves_memes The internet is the modern library of Alexandria.

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2022.01.18 07:51 Master_Caramel2092 QUESTIONS/DISCUSSION

Been playing ark over 4 years , over a 1k hours under my belt and I’m still learning and loving ark to this day , I’ve played all the free dlc maps and tamed all free dlc dinos , recently completed the lost island except for one more boss to fight , but I was wondering , to anyone who’s bought the dlc maps , any recommendations on the best bang for your buck ? I was leaning towards aberration , but still open to the other maps , which one would be the most challenging? I’m all about the grind and slow paced action , but stuck on which one to buy first , would it be better to play them in sequence ? Or would it not matter ?
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2022.01.18 07:51 WB_Bass My favorite tournament set of all time

So first of all, a bit of context
Up until like last year I solo mained Ganon. I would say I was pretty good, but it’s Ganon so you kind of know what your getting yourself into. My main problem was any time my friend group would do like a mini tournament I would choke, idk what it is but I consistently played worse under pressure. So one day we were doing an arena and we decide to do sets, and one of my friends decided to ditto me. I should have had the advantage because imo I m just a bit better than him. Anyway, it didn’t go well. I lost the first, barley won the second because of an sd last stock. Anyway we were coming up on last game and my friend jokingly says to one of my other friends in the call who was “commentating” that he picks 75 m as his stage. Before commentator could say it’s not a legal stage, I saw my opportunity. I jumped in, saying how if both players agree to a stage it can be played. Probably not even a rule but doesn’t matter because it worked lol.
So game three, ganon ditto, 75m. I was fairly certain that I would be beaten. So I ran away. For 7 minutes. Best seven minutes of my life. Funniest shit I’ve ever done to another human being. And I won. Yeah it was lame as hell. But it was funny. And our entire friend group say it.My biggest regret is that I don’t think anyone spectating saved the replay.
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2022.01.18 07:51 Working-Durian-4666 Moonscape Utility Token Farming

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2022.01.18 07:51 emilswae Why Michael Jackson Is Innocent

I’m writing an argumentative text about why Michael Jackson is innocent and is not a p3dophile, and was wondering if you guys have any arguments to why he isn’t one, please write them down below.
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2022.01.18 07:51 9612452368 My boyfirend wants me to move in with him, and I don't know what to do.

Hello, fellow Redditors!
I have a really bad problem, and need advice from strangers, from the Internet to help.
Sorry in advance for any gramatic errors, English is not my first language.
So I (22F) and my boyfriend of two years (25M) live together in my one-bedroom apartment in a city X. I got the apartment myself, my name is on the lease, my family and I renovated it, and all the utilities are in my name also. I am a uni student, and work full-time, boyfriend (I will call him N) works full time in his field.
So the issue is that I study and work in the city X, and this is why I got an apartment here. I work on my depression, and I require my therapist and support system help - they are all in the city X.
N got a two-bedroom apartment in a city Y, which is approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes from city X, and he wants me to move in with him. I love him, but I am torn. If I move, I would probably need to give up my work (and this is how I pay for collage), and bc of the time I need to travel from city X to Y I will have a difficult time finding another (I start my classes at 4 p.m, so it is hard to find a job that will let me get to my uni on time). Working weekends is doable, but I probably won't make enough money to pay for collage by myself (and my family doesn't have this much money to help me with my payments). And my therapy would probably go on a back burner too- to see my therapist I would need 2 hours to drive there, so one visit can be a one-day trip, and as a working collage student I really have time to do that.
N wants me to move with him, and I worry that our relationship will suffer if I won't, and if I do move I will have even more problem to find time for studying and therapy (to go from N apartment form Uni I need to have 2 hours. For context, drive from my apartment to uni is only 30 minutes.).
I don't know if I want to move in with him, because I like my independence here and such a busy schedule is good for my mental health. He is very traditional, and I worry, that if I move in with him, I will be his stay at home girlfriend, and I don't want this kind of live (and I don't hold anything against stay at home moms/dads/partners, but this is not a lifestyle for me). He said that it is ok if I don't want to move in, but I can see that he is upset by me even considering staying in my apartment.
Please tell me what you would do in my shoes?
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2022.01.18 07:51 iamthebatman206 Thank god for ‘Be Exceptional’ and ‘So You Think You’re SPECIAL’!

My biggest gripe with FO4 is railroading (heh) the player. Specifically no matter what character you build, if you want to have a functioning settlement you need 6 Charisma.
Be Exceptional makes supply lines a hidden perk you just have and SYTYS let’s you have the same number of SPECIAL points as FO3. So you can have a supply line without nerfing your Sole Survivor and you can start with a character that is good at more than one thing.
Be exceptional
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2022.01.18 07:51 ricosalsa Cost of snow removal for a 25 by 25 foot driveway. What would snow removal companies charge for a season?

Wondering what the going rate is to hire a snow removal company for a season to remove snow from a 25 * 25 foot driveway. I have elderly parents who live in Toronto and while their neighbor is helping out this year I would like to make arrangements for next year.
If anyone here pays for a service what do you pay? Is it a flat per season rate or is it per trip out to your driveway?
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2022.01.18 07:51 Spactard Flawed Mods

If I level up flawed mods, do I get the endo back in any way when I finally get the unflawed versions?
I just don't want to commit my endo to these if it will be wasted!
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2022.01.18 07:51 bailey_hershey19 BSA vs. ManAcc

Hey guys!!! If ever I take Management Accounting in another university, will it be a good choice for prelaw? Or is BSA talaga the ideal one?
Please help me out :-(((
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2022.01.18 07:51 TrueNorthAmerica Bronte Street North in Milton to be closed until early March

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2022.01.18 07:51 BigChungusdic- so?anything you have to say about this executive?

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2022.01.18 07:51 123mim321 20M anyone wants to chat about literally anythinggg :?

-I love running and working out we can talk about that for sure (and sportss)
-traveling and eating I eat sooooo much hahha I also know how to cook but it's just a bit
-sciency stuff and geopolitics
-im really talkative so I can talk about literally anythinggg
-Go ahead DM me and tell me a bit about yourself :)
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2022.01.18 07:51 CombIntelligent Node update by daniil_igorevich#0237

Node update by daniil_igorevich#0237 ✌️ version 0.18.1-8612e8a-x86_64-linux-gnu
🏷 Node name: daniil_igorevich
Parachain Account: 5Ec4AhPZk8STuex8Wsi9TwDtJQxKqzPJRCH7348Xtcs9vZLJ
[Relaychain] 🏷 Local node identity is: 12D3KooWBvBUUVWR73Nip6hTo4bP8iwmgjW7mTDhtRbDbCAVG68D
[🌗] 🏷 Local node identity is: 12D3KooWDbTX7V7sXSJkL7sHQ4PcxXxMsCthoWo5Xf7GjrjrXHzR
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2022.01.18 07:51 Podgeman [UK] Supersonic Quiz - Put your chemistry knowledge to the test with our quiz. [18-01-2021]

Supersonic Quiz
Which five were popular chemists?
Rosalind Franklin
John Dalton
John Newlands
Louis Pasteur
Humphry Davy
Which five have won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry?
Greg Winter
Kary Mullis
Joachim Frank
Akira Yoshino
Frances Arnold
Which five are referred as non-metal elements?
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2022.01.18 07:51 garfiaraujo Bacalhau com Grão-de-Bico e Brócolis - Receita de Bacalhau

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2022.01.18 07:51 Capable-Success9018 First night with Lolo mommy 💦💦🤤💦💦🤤💦💦

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2022.01.18 07:51 killakbrust WTF were they doing???

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2022.01.18 07:51 _____Banaanaaa_____ best tasting

never tried myprotein before,what's the best tasting flavour in you opinion? they have so many different exotic flavours.Im mainly eyeing the brown sugar,milk tea or salted caramel those taste any good?
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2022.01.18 07:51 couponfordeals 45% off > $109.99 < Upgraded Aluminum Alloy Parallel Guide System Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2022.01.18 07:51 b_a_s_t_i_1_2_3 [Psn] [H] 20 listed bundles [W] listed credits :)

very rare/import/exotic wheels
bundle 1:
fg creeper
fg santa fe
fg apparatus inverted
fg finny
fg kyrios
fg fireplug
cc fg troika
worth 1020 want 700
Bundle 2
purple reaper
cobalt lustrum
purple slk
worth 800 want 600
Bundle 3
crimson centio
fg diestro
fg mantis
fg endo
fg insidio
fg peregrine
dominus gt
fg sentinel
worth 1130 want 700
Bundle 4
4xbreakout frog (striker,turtle,tactican,uncert)
unpainted breakout nice shot
lime breakout nice shot
breakout rlcs
breakout esports
will throw in 7random limited breakout decals for free
worth 1000 want 700
Bundle 5
dominus:nightmare fuel set
dominus arboreal nightmare
dominus funky medusa
dominus dot matrix
2xpink,2xcrimson,2xorange dominus stratum badge
dominus yaojing
worth 1060 want 600
Bundle 6
octane saffron bodacious
octane chantico:tw,grey,lime,unpainted
octane conundrum
octane duneracer
octane killer griller
octane metarudia set
octane dotmatrix
octane quetzalotl
octane sleet creeps
octane rlcs x:fg
octane space cadet
octane watermelon
octane ultimate warrior
octane ripped comic
Worth 1630 want 900
Bundle 7
2xdune sweeper: unpainted
3xgift storm
mudcat rl esports
striker fennec yorebands
worth 1550 want 750
Bundle 8
candy corn
Rad rock
cloudburst 2
worth 280 want 180
Bundle 9
dark matter
sweeper pink krackle
3xsun ray
virtuell wave
worth 450 want 200
Bundle 10
glimmerslag set (missing saffron and cobalt)
Rad rock set (missing fg)
radiant gush:fg,pink,orange,lime,cobalt,crimson,bs,purple
shining barrage:fg,saffron,orange,purple,crimson,lime
slash beam:orange, cobalt,black
super manga bolt:bs
worth 2230 want 750
Bundle 11
undying love
grave robber
happy new year
helper elf
mad bomber
campaign hat
Marty jr.
sad sapling
new year 2017
phat hat
phat hat live
pizza pixel
pizza pixel 2p
juice package
jolt bangle 1
sloths hat
candy jack
scarecrow jack
christmas tree
great white
alarm clock
fg jolt bangle
worth:2370 want 1300
Bundle 12
2xundying love
2xhammer head
8xhelper elf
9xmad bomber
Marty jr
3xnew year 2017
14xeaster basket
phat hat
phat hat live
5xjuice package
2xchristmas tree
4xalarm clock
worth: 3170 want 1200
Bundle 13
fuzzy brute
fuzzy vamp
Peggy panda
candy cane
xmas gift
WWE nxt
WWE wrestlemania 34
mage glass:grey, lime,bs,pink
worth: 1160 want 750
Bundle 14
2xfuzzy brute
4xfuzzy vamp
9xpeggy panda
7xholiday gift
2xwwe nxt
wie wrestlemania 34
mage glass:xlime,5xgrey,bs
worth:3870 want 2000
bundle 15
hack swerve:crimson,saffron,fg,pink
Rad rock: set
worth:1220 want 750
bundle 16
blueprint I
blueprint II
soccar splash
frosted cake
hot ice
rl esports
scoops ahoy
vice 1986
worth:750 want 450
avatar boarders
bundle 17
2xhappy holidays
worth:1520 want 500
limited wheels:
bundle 18
worth:2700 want 1250
bundle 19
capacitor:full set +extra
6xfg,2xpink,4xorange,7xlime,purple,3xgrey + extra
unpainted troublemaker 1,2,4
worth 4650 want 2000
bundle 20
muscle boy:saffron, cobalt,bs,lime,pink,fg
worth 780 want 400
Take all for 12k👀
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2022.01.18 07:51 SextingGod1 19 years old girl looking for a real suggar dady not a scammer dm me for my info

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2022.01.18 07:51 Squeazer Google’s tribute to Betty White

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2022.01.18 07:51 smlmdm22 8/20 teeth seem to be tilting to left/ur right. is this part of process? and yes attachments very yellow 😓

8/20 teeth seem to be tilting to left/ur right. is this part of process? and yes attachments very yellow 😓 submitted by smlmdm22 to Invisalign [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 07:51 jazaebUwU 😶

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