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2022.01.18 08:39 sungawd Secure the Best Grades . Hire Me for Biochemistry, Physiology, Biology, and Pharmacology Essays, Online Classes, Quizzes, and Assignments. 100+ Vouches and Free Samples. Cash App/PayPal/Venmo. //Sir-Henry#0020 //nerdyproessays@gmail.com //+1 (930) 208-8116

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2022.01.18 08:39 chirczilla ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐ŸŒ™

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2022.01.18 08:39 Takt-000 Just got my first dev item

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2022.01.18 08:39 Willing-Clock-8884 Fashion Show Hannah Palmer - Beautiful Exotic Style

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2022.01.18 08:39 LightningSt4r Happy Birthday Irene!

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2022.01.18 08:39 nahssil I don't know what to do or how to fix our relationship, our communication sucks

Me (22F) and my bf (22M) have been together for 5 years. Lately, we've been through rough patches and now there are issues that I don't know how to get through. He's broken up with me twice now, first in 2020 (but he immediately regretted his decision and changed his mind the day after), and last year (we were broken up for three weeks before he changed his mind again and said he wanted to fix things). Both times were because he said he felt differently about the relationship and wanted to be just friends, despite how much he cared about me. I don't think I'll ever fully recover from that but I still have tried to make things work and not throw everything away.
When we got back together again, he said he didn't prioritise communication enough and said he wished he had just talked to me. This is something we've both struggled with as we both hate seeing each other upset and avoid confrontation. So we agreed to work on our communication. I'll be honest, up to this point, it feels like not much has changed either way on the communication front. But I now want to push through and say what needs to be said to him even if it hurts, as we cannot keep wasting each other's time.
Recently he's become reserved again. He doesn't attempt to have meaningful conversations with me and I think it's building up resentment and frustration inside me, unfortunately. We probably have one or two decent-length conversations a week at this point. When things are great he makes me laugh and we get along well. Now I'll go days without knowing what he's doing. He never drops a message to ask about my day, now it's me making those checking-in messages. On Saturday I sent him messages about how I bought some new books that I got no response to. I sent him another message later that night about a song I really like that I thought he might like. No response, left on read. Now it's Tuesday evening and I sent him "hello". He responds with a hello and I start a conversation with him and ask what he's up to. I then told him I felt he's been quiet lately and asked if he's doing okay. As some background context, he does suffer from depression, hence me checking in on him about his behaviour patterns and wellbeing. He responds saying he needed a break from everyone.
At this point, I felt exasperated. I am his girlfriend of five years, why can't he just tell me "hey, I'm not doing so good and just want some space". I hate being left in the dark and it's frustrating considering he was the one who initially proposed working on communication. I then asked him again if he was okay and that he can always talk to me about stuff. His response, to paraphrase, was basically "talking is dumb". I feel angry and don't know how to respond. I can see he's going through something and don't want to make it worse but at the same time there are two people in this relationship and I'm not happy. I've told him on numerous occasions that he can open up to me and that I care about him and he still refuses to speak about his feelings when he's struggling.
He doesn't tell me about his plans much anymore, I'm often finding out what he's up to via his instagram/snapchat stories or speaking to mutual friends. I always feel like I'm bothering him if I ask about his day/week. I don't really know what to talk to him about anymore, it feels like we've changed so much over the years and don't have much in common anymore. Something he's started doing lately is turning my music off or making fun of my music taste when I'm driving. It makes me feel embarrassed now to play my music in front of him. My nan and grandad caught Covid about a month ago which I told him about and he never again went out of his way to ask me how they were doing. Whenever I get emotional and tell him how I'm feeling I get made to think I'm burdening him with my struggling. He doesn't respond to me when I'm emotional, or sends a couple of dry words in reply, or tries to offer solutions. I just want him to listen to me vent, but instead I feel like I'm crazy and my emotions are too much for him and I need to suppress my emotions for his benefit. Whenever he comes over he spends most of his time on his phone scrolling TikTok (I hate that stupid app, such a time-waster). He'll message me he's coming over often out of the blue after he's ignored my other messages. I feel like he doesn't value my time that much. On new years eve he left my house suddenly to go hang out with his friends and said he'd be back later. I asked him to make sure he'd come back before midnight as I wanted to celebrate the new year with him. He ended up getting wasted and couldn't drive back to mine. He apologised and said he wouldn't be coming back in time for midnight. Cool. Then midnight passed and he didn't even send me a "happy new years" message. I sat there at midnight thinking "surely at this moment you'd be wanting to wish your girlfriend a happy new year", instead I sat up until 12:10 and caved to be the first to wish him a happy new year. I just don't feel like I'm valued as a human being in this relationship.
When I look at my parents, they speak to each other every day. They fight but they always talk it out. My dad works away from home, and they'll call while he's away at work. I now just sit here and think "why doesn't my bf make the effort to just have a conversation with me and see me for who I am". I can't tell if he's about to dip again and turn around to say he doesn't love me anymore. I'm just over it at this point. I don't feel important. And the worst part is that he's not some toxic abusive d-bag so I can't really be that angry with him, he has always been good to me. I think the last couple of paragraphs have been verbal diarrhea so I'll end that there. I just don't know what to do or how to respond. I'm just sad and lost
TLDR - My boyfriend doesn't make an effort to communicate with me anymore even though he said he'd work on it
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2022.01.18 08:39 tiredofthis52 Don't

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2022.01.18 08:39 assagitaz Tom Zeta - Fearless (feat. Berenice van Leer) [Julian Wassermann Remix] [Eklektisch]

Publisher: Eklektisch
Out Date: 2022-01-14
Quality: MP3 16.27 Mb / AIFF 71.64 Mb
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Tom Zeta - Fearless (feat. Berenice van Leer) [Julian Wassermann Remix] / (Key Gm, BPM 124, Length 6:46)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=527126
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2022.01.18 08:39 Dr_Christian33 First off I do not care what MKHD says and his videos sound like a white guy in a black guys body.

Sure I have watched this wanna be white mans videos. The way he runs his shows I do not like. How many times you gonna mention the word caveat. Also he get 30 phones a year from apple lol. So we know he is a girl boy or sorrry apple boy. None of these reviewers are non biased. They get payed alto you may find that to be false, it exists. Their not tossing every iphone of the year probably 2 of each to pass to family members. His Google issues are retarded. Out of millions of Pixel 6 users in USA you have about 1000 thousand odd balls. TL:DR
I have not had a single issue before the January update and continue to not have problems. This lies for 98 percent of users. I still do not understand peoples issues. Ive never had a issue and the only thing the January update did for me was make the finger print much much faster and when you redo your finger prints its pretty much instant at this point and along with the animation its perfect now. Now we just need a Pixel Feature Drop soon maybe in March. There is a lot of widgets they have showed off that do not exist. Perhaps not ready for prime time usage. TL:DR
Also please to the gurus, install Nova Launcher as Pixel Launcher is made by 15 and 16 year old interns and icons are one inch apart. 5x5 chokes... Pixel launcher looks like a Kid Launcher or Baby Launcher. With horrible widget options and about 2 and half inches of waste! The top unremovable time and weather and the stupid search by which I do not need. I have no reason for it since I summon with the power button and do my think or hit the small pencil and type it in or correct mistaked typings. If only they would buy off Nova Launcher and rename it then remove the launcher so only Pixel users can now use the new Nova from Pixel something like. Pixel UI 2.0 Launcher as the name with changes to the app like not the orange color etc. Very sad this is. This is the only advantage is when you buy a Crapsung with 560 apps system and regular downloaded or pre installed apps with ads in them and making the phone thick and the horrible interface which complicates simple things by having you go through 4 steps to get someplace you can go with 1 click not including tapping on settings. TL:DR
People buy Samsung and Install Nova but this would not be possible as I said if Pixel was smart and realized its the worst launcher out of 100+ launchers.TVL:DR bottom.
There is just one good news about the stock pixel launcher for people that like the crummy app icons which are only for google apps. I forgot the name of the free app but it basically makes all your apps like the google ones that have this very minimal icons based on your theme. I need to remember this and should have jotted it down. I saw it on utube and all your home sreena nd drawer is suddenly the Material You icons for A12 for P6 and what not. Just know there is a app for this I will find it and post it later for all of you in the wonderful 5x5 minus 2 and a half inches thanks to the wonder time and weather up top and the stupid search bar on the bottom. You can not do sh*T on Pixel Launcher this is where I looked at Samsung as being god like with its options. Speaking of which Pixel does not give you any options. Can you for the love of petes sake give us a option to get rid of the navigation white line which is sometimes black its the most annoying thing in the world. When you use google search it dissapears and things are nice combining that with Nova and two finger swipe down and get rid of the status bar as well. Also Samsung has a new designed or version of the lock screen which gives us 8 seconds and dims into AOD. Like a clock or widget or how now you can bust out the locked phone and thru lock screen you can use the Sammy Recorder baaaam. Then you have different AOD clock faces and throws us a square time if no notifications are present. Also Sammy has a equalizer system wide and Dolby Atmos which 200 dollar phones have. Google basically lacks at giving options but Samsung is bloateware and horrible interface once you get into settings. I think Pixel with Nova destroys Samsung One UI 4.0. But how many people drawn by the Pixel commercials know about Nova? Not to many of them. Its all a touchy subject but Ill pass on Samsung with close to 600 apps and system apps combined, compared to a typical Pixel user with 160 total system and apps combined. On top of that they have the nerve to throw ads on their apps lol. No body needs all that Sammy junk. No need Google already has it and its better.
Sorry for the rant and ravin. Just stating facts, however I do understand some people new to phones probably not care about all this up top. Good job with the icon labels as well with the dots and the badges which do not show a count or ammount. I can go on and on. Pixel 6 and Nova is a must IMO, unless your coming from iPhone lol.
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2022.01.18 08:39 WinsentVanGoh Same thing?

Same thing
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2022.01.18 08:39 joao789 What happened to Bobbi Sparks?

Haven't seen her since s1.
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2022.01.18 08:39 ArthFas Wales Six Nations squad

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2022.01.18 08:39 babygrl1365 Who hasn't done acorns yet? You get $600 for 3 referrals. Must deposit $5. I need 2 more people. Expires in 4 days

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2022.01.18 08:39 babibebo Metro Card Recharge

Hey guys
I tried recharging my Namma Metro card online and its not working at all. Both PayTm and the Namma Metro apps show me an error message that reads, "operator not working".
Wondering if anyone else is facing the same issue? How to solve this?
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2022.01.18 08:39 Reason_Pale OMICRON CAN BE IN YOUR MAIL?

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2022.01.18 08:39 Chicken-cuz-why-not I found more smear frames

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2022.01.18 08:39 snakeydrake Mollified Mind, a playlist dedicated to downtempo, meditative electronic music. Includes artists like Tourist, Flume, and ODESZA. Perfect for running, driving, and traveling.

Mollified Mind, a playlist dedicated to downtempo, meditative electronic music. Includes artists like Tourist, Flume, and ODESZA. Perfect for running, driving, and traveling. submitted by snakeydrake to chillwave [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 08:39 Lurkablo How can I convert my Vassal (to a not-my-own religion)

I have Brandenburg as a vassal, and I want them to form Prussia. Unfortunately, we are both Orthodox, whereas they need to be Protestant/Reformed/Hussite/Anglican to do so.
A few of their provinces are still Reformed, so I have tried sending zero-maintenance missionaries there to incite rebels, but their army (or someone else) just comes along and puts down the rebels before they have done anything.
Whats my best way of trying to get my vassal Brandenburg to flip Reformed (or other) so they can form Prussia?
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2022.01.18 08:39 dodpl1 what was that noise ?

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2022.01.18 08:39 r2drinks2 [Lego Rewards] VIP Coins are back in stock! 1,150Pts each.

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2022.01.18 08:39 BigMom_IsABeast I came up with Kingdom Hearts rewrite ideas yesterday. Feedback is appreciated.

Just to get this out of the way, I am not experienced with personally playing the Kingdom Hearts games. I'm hoping to finish KH1, I watched the little brothers play Kingdom Hearts, and what I know about the lore stems from my brothers' knowledge and a lot of fandom content. I know about Xehanort and his incarnations, Kingdom Hearts the object, Keyblades etc... If you want to correct me on anything, or add anything from canon lore, feel free to comment. I do not want to act as if I know more than Kingdom Hearts fans or am a better writer than Nomura. This is only a writing exercise.
I got an idea yesterday about changing the mechanics behind the Heartless and the Nobodies. It stems from the series' overarching philosophy that humans and the universe need "light and darkness," like yin and yang. And there are bad people who use either light or darkness. But in my opinion this rings hollow. We don't see bad people using the light, as the closest example was Eraqus, who was merely an extremist and mild compared to Xehanort or Maleficent. I want to rectify this by changing how Nobodies work, and changing the mechanics behind light and darkness. These ideas are inspired by Eli Farmer's RE:MAKE series and Cryptonix02's KH fix series, and I have some for Terranort inspired by Kingdom Hearts: Antipode.

What is Light and Darkness?
In my version of Kingdom Hearts, Light and Darkness are not associated with 'good and evil," at least not before Xehanort's actions. They are simply integral forms of energy that have different boons, similar to Final Fantasy's White and Black Magic. Light produces magic aimed towards creation, healing and defense, such as Cure. Darkness produces magic aimed towards destruction, such as Fire or Blizzard. Both forms of energy are capable of amplifying physical abilities, warping reality and manipulating the mind, and most lifeforms are born with 50% Light and 50% Darkness within their hearts. If a heart teeters in either direction, Light represents positive emotions while Darkness represents negative emotions. Humans need to keep both positive and negative emotions in check, and I want Kingdom Hearts to reflect this.
Creatures of pure Light populate the Realm of Light, and hearts of 100% Light are exceedingly rare in the Realm Between. The Princesses of Heart possess such hearts, though I'm not sure about their canon origin still being a thing. Creatures of pure Darkness populate the Realm of Darkness, and hearts of 100% Darkness are exceedingly rare in the Realm Between. Maleficent, Chernabog, and Aqua possess hearts of pure Darkness. Sora's heart is mostly Darkness.

Mechanics of Heartless and Nobodies
I'm changing The Heartless and Nobodies quite a bit. The Heartless are still dark, corrupted hearts created when a person is overtaken by Darkness, but I want to add rules to them:
  1. Intelligent, sapient Heartless are only created under the condition that a person willingly sacrifices their heart. This unique brand of Heartless first takes the appearance of a shadowy counterpart of their owner, a la Anti-Form Sora. As time passes and they instinctually master their powers, sapient Heartless gain a form similar yet dissimilar to the heart's owner.
  2. Sapient Heartless retain the owner's memories upon formation. They are able to make decisions and plans, but their personalities and goals are intrinsically tied to the original owner's memories and filtered through the Darkness' destructive lens. Sora's Heartless wants to get back to Kairi, but also wants to tear apart any and all Heartless in the vicinity.
  3. Most Heartless are dictated by primal gluttony and destruction, and naturally attracted to Light and magical objects. They are born from a person being overtaken by Realm creatures or overwhelmed by negative emotions.
  4. "Pureblood Heartless" such as Darksides and Invisibles are not Heartless. They are purely creatures from the Realm of Darkness, used by various parties for their own ends. They have their own moniker.
  5. Darkness Realm creatures and Heartless are able to possess minerals and metal, which is why Heartless ships and cars exist.

The Nobodies are not bodies animated by strong wills, or even creatures born from darkness. Instead they are corrupted hearts of pure light, born from people being overtaken by positive emotions. When they focus on emotions such as love, joy, hope, and excitement in a self-destructive manner. Nobodies are much smarter and stronger than the strongest Heartless, and are able to plan and wait. Nobodies have emotions and form connections, but they do not feel regret or anger. They do not possess the negative emotions necessary for change or second thoughts. That is what makes the Organization terrifying. It can make countless, complex schemes that hurt the Worlds, without feeling a shred of guilt or desiring revenge. The Organization simply sees the silver lining in failures, and move on to the next plan.
There are no grunt Nobodies, rather creatures from the Realm of Light controlled by the Organization. Nobodies are exceedingly rare because people rarely express positive emotions to such a self-destructive degree. Take Luxord, a gambler, for instance. He became a Nobody because no matter what consequence came from addiction to gambling, he still walked forward with a smile on his face looking for the next game. He never cared for the consequences, or felt depressed because of them. His home could have been taken away and he would have said "oh well." Sora created a Nobody because love lead to him sacrificing his very being.
Nobodies, like canon, retain their original self's memories. But their way of thinking and personality is filtered through the Light's constructive lens. They are tricksters, manipulators, formulate complex schemes, and as such prefer to play behind the scenes to achieve their ends.
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2022.01.18 08:39 Historical_Display98 Canโ€™t sign into apple id with ipod touch 4

Iโ€™ve been trying to log into the iCloud but when i put the verification code with the password it says that my username or password is incorrect which they arenโ€™t. Anyone know how to fix this?
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2022.01.18 08:39 FieryPhoenix610 Holy Caws !

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2022.01.18 08:39 lakebh99 INFJ or just INFP 9w1

When I was just getting into typology, I had thought that I was an INFP, but then as I researched and introspected more I began to feel like INFJ would make more sense.
However, there were a couple of details that I am still unsure about. The test result would jump back and forth between the two so I relied more on my own research. While I do relate to the people pleasing tendencies and vague self identity aspect, I am kind of struggling to differentiate between them being a Fe quality or a 9w1 quality. This whole quest for identity I'm on is also pretty much because I felt like I wasn't being "my right self" instead of any desire to blend in or belong so that's 1 point for Fi, I suppose.
I also couldn't really figure out if I use Ni or Ne. I am future oriented but I'm not really one for complicated planning, but I'm also a terrible brainstormer (can't really come up with many ideas).
I'm not really looking for definitive answers here, just some input to hopefully point me in the right direction. Thank you all in advance.
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2022.01.18 08:39 ConnectionForeign262 Missile lock jammers should have come out the minute the Oppressor MKII was released.

If it's gonna be hard for you to survive in an open lobby and either chill or sell cargo, it should be just as hard for them to kill you, doesn't make sense why they would release it now and STILL only in select vehicles
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