Got this scam should i worrie

2021.12.02 17:04 Zom_Bot1000 Got this scam should i worrie

Got this scam should i worrie
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2021.12.02 17:04 militaryplanegeek My Great Grandfathers medals. He was in the 7th Batallion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, part of the 8th Army and later 51st Highland Division. He sold all of his medals long ago, so I have been saving up my pocket money trying to replace them. Just the France and Germany Star to go!

My Great Grandfathers medals. He was in the 7th Batallion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, part of the 8th Army and later 51st Highland Division. He sold all of his medals long ago, so I have been saving up my pocket money trying to replace them. Just the France and Germany Star to go! submitted by militaryplanegeek to ww2 [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 17:04 tex71378 [POSITIVE] for /u/rizo109 [buyer]

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2021.12.02 17:04 Much_Doge_Much_Wow He’s just a Stonks man, doing Stonks

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2021.12.02 17:04 Fkarec2007 Can you beat fallout 3 by only crouching

Cant nit crouch whatsoever. Slow. And annoying.
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2021.12.02 17:04 Kaliiiibaby72 Marriage.

In y’all’s honest opinions. Me and my husband have been together going on 7 years but we’re about to hit out one year of marriage. We recently got sober and are about to hit our 2 year sobriety. So this last year tho my body has completely changed I think it was because of the drugs and my body still getting back to normal but I’m just not very sexual right now. Yes I will have sex if he starts it just something with me right now where that’s not on my mind honestly. It has nothing to do with me not wanting to have sex with him or not finding him attractive. My body is just going thru sooooo much right now I feel like. Also I deal with depression and anxiety. The question is has anyone had an open relationship? I don’t want to have sex with anyone else and he says he doesn’t want to either but I feel bad. We went from having sex 2 3 times a days to sometimes 2 3 times a month. Idk what to do because I’m not being the best wife I should be. My anxiety and depression kills me everyday with the work and coming home to clean. Just hard what should I do? I just feel like I’m losing it all and I need help and he doesn’t know how to help me! 😭😭
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2021.12.02 17:04 DrePrince Most Anticipated Video Game

What was your most anticipated video game of all time? Did it satisfy or let you down? Comment below :)
Mine is definitely Spider-Man Ps4, it’s still my favorite game.
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2021.12.02 17:04 SRSHELTON002 How long does it take GULC to send interview invites from the time you go complete?

This is of course assuming you get an interview. Is there an average amount of time it takes before you hear from them?
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2021.12.02 17:04 ImportanceSilver3251 Match Thread: Ajax Amsterdam vs Willem II | Dutch Eredivisie

1': Ajax Amsterdam 0-0 Willem II Venue: Johan Cruijff Arena
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Ajax Amsterdam
Remko Pasveer, Lisandro Martínez, Jurriën Timber, Daley Blind, Noussair Mazraoui, Edson Álvarez, Davy Klaassen, Ryan Gravenberch, Sébastien Haller, Antony, Dusan Tadic.
Subs: David Neres, Perr Schuurs, Zakaria Labyad, Devyne Rensch, Mohammed Daramy, Danilo, Victor Jensen, Jay Gorter, Andre Onana, Kenneth Taylor, Steven Berghuis, Nicolás Tagliafico.
Willem II
Timon Wellenreuther, Ulrik Jenssen, Nikos Michelis, Derrick Köhn, Leeroy Owusu, Görkem Saglam, Driess Saddiki, Godfried Roemeratoe, Max Svensson, Mats Köhlert, Ché Nunnely.
Subs: Anagyros Kampetsis, Ringo Meerveld, Sam Tel, Connor van den Berg, Elton Kabangu, Jorn Brondeel, Miquel Nelom, Kwasi Wriedt, Vincent Schippers, John Yeboah.
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2021.12.02 17:04 BitcoinGazete Facebook, metaverse, NFT hamlesinden sonra kripto reklamına devam ediyor
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2021.12.02 17:04 ManicUnicorn-LG Here's the latest from Crypto Unicorns!

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2021.12.02 17:04 InvestmentOk3585 Doge🐕Bonk 🏏 - We are the anti-meme dog, meme dog token. Contract Renounced / LP Burned / 🔥BURN wallet 🔥

not another Uniswap clone,
no useless NFTs,
no roadmap,
no fake promises,
just BONK memes 🏏
We're honest with you.
DogeBonk is the most memeable project in the crypto space.
Not convinced? Google "Doge Bonk" and look at the images 😊
We've got the best community, the best memes, the best energy.
We're on a mission to bonk all other meme tokens - and you can join us for this ride! 🤘
Our community is constantly organizing raids, doing marketing and designing memes 🚀
We went from $2000 market cap to $6m market cap within 3 days, and currently on a dip!
This is going to go parabolic just because of the sheer force behind it 🔥
Is DogeBonk safe?
Liquidity was locked forever by burning all LP tokens 🔥
Ownership of the contract was renounced.
Contract is a 1:1 copy of SafeMoon which was audited by Certik.
Top holder owns only 0% of the supply.
10% tax on all transactions:
8% are distributed to fellow DOBO holders,
2% are added to liquidity to create an ever rising price floor.
Contract address: 0x21ede9b04cd2abc8ce2023175c3dba0a53778bbd
Renounced Ownership:
LP Locked:
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2021.12.02 17:04 Luffigus Bungo: MaTcHmAkInG

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2021.12.02 17:04 MFRR_ Does anyone know when Araki had his first daughter?

I would like to know if any of his daughters influenced in the creation of Stone Ocean.
Edit: I've already watch the first 3 chapters, and it's amazing. I loved that they put the openings in 3D again, these openings gave that cherry on the epicism that JJBA animes have
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2021.12.02 17:04 monsterpoison search results

a little rant lmao but i hate when i’m trying to let’s say search up y2k clothing, and i get the most basic ass clothing results. like ik people use unrelated tags for items they are trying to sell for exposure but it’s annoying and it’s very hard to look for people’s actual vintage y2k clothing :/
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2021.12.02 17:04 AtomicSalt How do people listen to that much music?

It's Spotify Wrapped season, which means I am once again in a constant state of shock at the tens of thousands of minutes so many people have logged listening to music. It blows me away every year. Music is my biggest passion, I play a bunch of instruments, write songs, research artists' careers for fun, etc. I live and breathe music. Every drive, every walk, every workout, pretty often in my free time, I'm listening to music. And yet, every year, I end up with like 5-10k minutes listened. So what are these people with 40, 50, 60k+ minutes doing? Do you guys just have music playing constantly everywhere you go?
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2021.12.02 17:04 MeIvig Gold award kazanma şansı

1≥R≤1.000.000 | Tuttuğum R sayısını bilene gold (R bir tam sayıdır, aldatmaca yok. Aklımdaki sayıyı değiştirirsem orospu çocuğuyum)
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2021.12.02 17:04 ligmakittycat If you type confederate currency on eBay, Donald Trumps bill is the first to show up

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2021.12.02 17:04 lss_bvt_and_16 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.12.02 17:04 SquireJJ Another Techpriest finished for the Table.

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2021.12.02 17:04 harleysgal62 @Poenari look what came today. I love them so much. The 3rd picture is what I wore to work today. You all need to go buy something from her Redbubble shop.

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2021.12.02 17:04 Strokywitthe40 Montana300 down bad w/ Covid send that man some prayers n good vibes

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2021.12.02 17:04 mylinux2 Driver Epson ET-2750 Ubuntu 21.10 Installation - Step-by-step Guide

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2021.12.02 17:04 Bright_Broccoli_3514 Anyone from Ontario?

Hello, looking for direction & advice from anyone in Ontario who paid out of pocket and did you claim on your taxes?
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2021.12.02 17:04 I-Have-No-Life69-420 Any offers

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