[PS4] W: Stacks of Souls H: Mule +10, All max boss weapons, karma

2021.10.21 12:47 Sybermonkie [PS4] W: Stacks of Souls H: Mule +10, All max boss weapons, karma

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2021.10.21 12:47 darkjaffs Worldcoin Wants To Give Cryptocurrency To Every Human On Earth

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2021.10.21 12:47 RangerMike8909 In RECON since 10/02 for credit score, finally some movement!

Increase >$500k was denied 10/01 due to 1.5 year old credit score not meeting the requirements.
I emailed recons 10/02 with current credit report and told them to re-pull my credit. I also faxed it to them. My credit score is over 740 now. I also emailed COVIDEIDLIncreaseRequests@sba.gov.
10/21 11:05AM got email from [COVIDEIDLIncreaseRequests@sba.gov](mailto:COVIDEIDLIncreaseRequests@sba.gov)
"We have reviewed your request for reconsideration for an EIDL loan increase and we are in receipt of your requested documentation. Based on our review, we have determined that your file should be reactivated for further consideration.
Your case file will be assigned to a processing loan officer shortly."
11:19 AM got email from Experian "Your credit file has been updated"
Logged into my Experian account and SBA pulled my credit report!

Have patience folks! They will get to your recon request soon! Looks like it's about a 3 week turnaround.
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2021.10.21 12:47 frankvaca ✏️ Sign the petition to #EndTransDetention!

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2021.10.21 12:47 extraethereal ew

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2021.10.21 12:47 OneVio94 Hmm. Should I prestige? XD

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2021.10.21 12:47 BUZZll23 Verteidiger fordert zusätzlich Schmerzensgeld für sich

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2021.10.21 12:47 srlane1987 Common puffball?

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2021.10.21 12:47 SpeakerIntelligent49 T O B H A T

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2021.10.21 12:47 throwawayobjet10 is there any legal way to disappear and become a wilderness hermit?

I wont do it right away,but. I feel so tired of everything,i want to forever escape the society of humans. dunno why im even asking for a legal way,i'll do it anyways but id rather not have coppers on my trail.
what may I do? i started prepping and taking survivalism,hunting,etc,courses. Even if i only last 1,2 years,I want to have done it.
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2021.10.21 12:47 gatoradegeyser No caption necessary ☺️

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2021.10.21 12:47 dilly2philly Didn’t think mushrooms could camouflage.

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2021.10.21 12:47 BinaryOptionAlliance FlokiKiller🐕 | Next x100 gem 💎 | Flokis last wish 💭| huge marketing 📈| FairLaunch 💰| Busd reward 🤑

Welcome to Flokikiller🐶 The last wish from Floki! 💸BUSD Reward Token |Launch 26. October
We have set ourselves the goal of making Floki’s last wish come true, be part of our journey and let’s make FlokiKiller 🐶 one of the most successful coins in token history together.
💸 All holders of $FlokiKiller tokens automatically receive $BUSD tokens airdropped into their wallets every 1 hours
💰tokenomics 🏦Supply: 100,000,000,000 total 🛒Max buy/sell: 1% 👝Max wallet: 2% 🤑Rewards: 5% BUSD $ 🗽Marketing: 6% 🔥 Burn: 30% 🔐lq locked
🐳 Anti-Whale and Anti-Bot Features: Maximum wallet cap and maximum transaction amount of 2% of supply
We plan a Huge marketing, which includes ➡️ ads on Poocoin ➡️ ads on Coinsniper ➡️ popular crypto influencer ➡️ listings ➡️ CG ➡️ CMC
see you on Telegram your FlokiKiller Team
TG: https://t.me/FlokiKillerOfficial Website: https://www.flokikiller.com
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2021.10.21 12:47 Jowibos Will Zombies ever get back to it’s classic state?

This is a very opinion bases post so keep that in mind!
We’ve had WaW, Black Ops 1, 2 and 3, all great titles for Zombies, both in terms of gameplay and maps. Then they made Black Ops 4 Zombies and went the furthest away they could from the Zombies experience us fans want. With Cold War they brought back the fan-favourite elements while on the other hand making it feel like you are still in multiplayer with the class system and, god bless, the scorestreaks. The next installment in the Treyarch saga will be Vanguard. It is a very rational decision to let Treyarch take care of Zombies since I suspect Sledgehammer noticed how the off-brand Zombies have gone over the years. What I am afraid of though is that this once again will become a subject of new unwanted systems. Even though Treyarch handles Zombies I bet there will be underlying mechanics coming from multiplayer breaking the immersion of a Treyarch experience. Atleast what I see as an enjoyable and classic experience is: Going into a round based map with just a starting pistol, no loadouts from outside and instead building your loadout as you progress in that map along with perks. The ridiculous amount of unnecessary customization and mechanics not only ruin the challenge and immersion but also shows that it is a product of greed. In Black Ops 2 for example, the one camo you got was when you Pack-a-Punched a weapon, a sign of achivement. Now you bring in camos from the outside and PaP is now easier than ever to get. All I wish for is SIMPLE. IMMERSIVE. ZOMBIES. I will keep on on praying and I just hope that they will listen this time. What are your thoughts on this, will Treyarch ever go back to the state Zombies was in before or will it continue to be a shitshow until the it’s grave?
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2021.10.21 12:47 PickYourPosition [HIRING] 39 new remote jobs at the United Nations

Please find in the comments 39 new vacancies that opened since Tuesday 19 Oct.

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2021.10.21 12:47 jnazario Franken-phish: TodayZoo built from other phishing kits - Microsoft Security Blog

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2021.10.21 12:47 ThbDragon He was just talking about how he got out of an injury too :(

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2021.10.21 12:47 tinteoj Big Audio Dynamite II "Innocent Child" (1990)

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2021.10.21 12:47 jaguarusf IMSA, iRacing Extend Partnership through 2023

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2021.10.21 12:47 Anaki_77 question

Hi I'm new I would like to know if anyone knows where to find the various seasons of the anime online in Italian.
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2021.10.21 12:47 CandorReddit123 How long after making a shipping label can you cancel it for a refund?

I spoke with two Canada Post representatives. One said five days, the other said there is no limit.
Both couldn't provide me written proof to backup their claims.
If you can give an answer, please provide written proof from Canada Post, as this is for a business.
Thank you!
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2021.10.21 12:47 _reddit_lovers_ [D] We have created a new Computer Vision and Deep Learning Space on Quora, to enrich this field with the latest research, we need your help (Advice, Information ...)

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2021.10.21 12:47 ChromeSphexYT Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 in a nutshell

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2021.10.21 12:47 SteelAlchemistScylla Differences between v2.52 and v3.0?

Hi! I've come to realize that newer EU4 patches are less and less fun for me and I've heard about MEIOU for forever. I see that a new version just released in Alpha(?) or something along those lines. I'm wondering would it be better to start in v2.52 for a stable and complete version and wait for 3.0? I'm not sure what the differences are. Also it might be worth it to start in v2.52 and eventually go to 3.0 for "two games" for the price of one if they are really different.
So I'm curious what the main changes are, all the dev diaries don't really mean anything to me because I have no base to go off of. Thank you for any help! Excited to jump in!
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2021.10.21 12:47 12345-12345- Oh good grief!!

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