Necessary and sufficient ftw

2021.10.21 10:57 im_datta0 Necessary and sufficient ftw

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2021.10.21 10:57 PolyShaun Uncharted, starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, finally gets a trailer

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2021.10.21 10:57 dobalydob Sheeeeesh

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2021.10.21 10:57 Goutaxe MOH calls for public help to identify COVID-risky workers dormitories

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2021.10.21 10:57 MaxiBlam What's the story? 🌵

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2021.10.21 10:57 Embarrassed-Novel931 Pokémon Colosseum Live Stream Part 2

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2021.10.21 10:57 gamerman2077 FUCK THAT GUY

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2021.10.21 10:57 meatmountain Sliding kickr

Whenever I sprint, my trainer slides around and moves up.
I have a soft mat and the Kickr Axis feet, although it's been a problem even before.
Has anyone had any luck in improving this? Perhaps bolting the trainer to the floor?
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2021.10.21 10:57 shrestharyan100 Highly skilled

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2021.10.21 10:57 alexander0789 Need help with TrustWallet

Hi Everyone,
If possible, im looking for some advice since I'm an idiot. I finally got into crypto earlier this year and I tried out 4-5 different wallets to see which ones I liked best.
Turned out that while Celsius was cool for the small APR, I wanted more so I tried to consolidate my USDC to Trustwallet instead. Only I did it as USDC ERC20 instead of transferring it to a normal coin first and now it appears stuck.
Since I only had $50 in it for a try, the gas fees to get it out or convert it seem absolutely absurd.
Does anyone know what I can do for this or am I better off leaving it as an offering to God because it's not going anywhere else.
Thank you in advance!
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2021.10.21 10:57 TheRadLlamas If I buy Greedent with 8000 Aeos Coins, will I get a refund by unlocking him with pumpkins later on?

Considering buying him early but unsure.
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2021.10.21 10:57 Dingmggee Bladder pain and IBS. What is the link?

I have IBS and SIBO. Yet, the more inflamed my IBS is, the more I feel a constant need to pee. What's more, when I go to the toilet, I am able to pee quite a bit. However, I'm sure my bladder could hold far more urine than it does without causing me pain. Why is my bladder region so sensitive and why do I constantly need to pee?
However I don't have a Urinary tract infection or anything like that. When visiting a urologists', they said everything revolving my bladder, prostate etc is healthy. Doctors have told me that an inflamed bowel and small intestine can put pressure on the bladder. Others have told me that the nerves from the intestines can get mixed up with the bladder, resulting in pain from one issue hurting other organs.
When I used Rifaximin antibiotics, not only did the pain from my IBS go away, but also my bladder pain. Why is this?
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2021.10.21 10:57 JediNixon Everything I did in game last night after I transferred servers is reverted this morning

I have been reverted from level 52 to 51. All of the items I salvaged after the server transfer have been restored to my inventory. The gems I put in my weapons are back in my shed. My gold has decreased back to wear it was when I transferred. I also lost progress in the main story mission (about 4 quests) and no longer have my t4 azoth staff. Was there a rollback or did I just get screwed?
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2021.10.21 10:57 audihertz Deranged antivaxx MAGA televangelist claims covid vaccines contain "an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite and grows inside your body."

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2021.10.21 10:57 jmk212185 New to DMT - thinking of following Gordo Tek....thoughts guys?

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2021.10.21 10:57 SLimShedi She just wanted to make it rain.

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2021.10.21 10:57 stevanovich PFF Grades Post Week 6

Link to Week 5 Grades -
Week 6 Grades

Player Position Position Rank Grade
Andy Dalton QB 80.1
Justin Fields QB 33/33 56.0
Marquise Goodwin WR 75/110 64.2
Darnell Mooney WR 27/110 73.8
Allen Robinson WR 59/110 67.2
Jakeem Grant WR 38.9
Damiere Byrd WR 110/110 45.7
Ryan Nall RB 69.0
Damien Williams RB 12/59 77.4
David Montgomery RB 13/59 75.9
Artavis Pierce RB 59.9
Khalil Herbert RB 20/59 73.4
Jesper Horsted TE 83.5
Jesse James TE 41.5
JP Holtz TE 65.0
Cole Kmet TE 47/72 58.0
Jimmy Graham TE 51/72 56.5
Sam Mustipher C 34/35 44.7
James Daniels G 44/76 61.4
Cody Whitehair G 30/76 67.3
Elijah Wilkinson T 41/79 65.4
Germain Ifedi T 55/79 60.2
Lachavious Simmons T 60.2
Alex Bars T 42.0
Jason Peters T 4/79 79.6
Larry Borom T 56.0
Marqui Christian CB 29.7
Kindle Vildor CB 89/118 53.1
Duke Shelley CB 96/118 50.6
Jaylon Johnson CB 58/118 62.9
Deon Bush S 51/86 58.8
Xavier Crawford S 64.8
DeAndre Houston-Carson S 79.9
Tashaun Gipson S 83/86 37.2
Eddie Jackson S 67/86 53.4
Alec Ogletree LB 83/83 28.8
Roquan Smith LB 39/83 57.4
Danny Trevathan LB 69.1
Margus Hunt DI 71.7
Angelo Blackson DI 74/122 56.3
Mario Edwards Jr. DI 46.3
Bilal Nichols DI 36/122 68.5
Khyiris Tonga DI 42.8
Eddie Goldman DI 113/122 44.7
Akiem Hicks DI 43/122 67.2
Christian Jones ED 47.3
Sam Kamara ED 39.0
Jeremiah Attaochu ED 66/106 62.0
Trevis Gipson ED 84.6
Robert Quinn ED 26/105 75.0
Khalil Mack ED 24/105 75.2
Cairo Santos K 9/37 74.3
Pat O'Donnell P 6/32 71.8
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2021.10.21 10:57 qwertyuiopas17 We did it bois!

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2021.10.21 10:57 brocahantas What’s the benefit of the always on screen?

Recently upgraded to a S7 from an S4 and I’m debating disabling the always on screen. You still need to look at it to get it to “refresh,” so what am I missing?
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2021.10.21 10:57 ImAlexandraa Tofu allergy (@opossumisst)

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2021.10.21 10:57 ahtaylor13 TIL that Henry Smolinski and his company Advance Vehicle Engineers created a flying car called the AVE Mizar in 1973. On September 11th of that year, Smolinski and his counterpart Harold Blake crashed the vehicle on a test flight taking both of their lives. The project ended soon after their deaths.

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2021.10.21 10:57 JKL23456 What influences you to make good choices?

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2021.10.21 10:57 sahi_ Didn’t get double $

I just completed a regular bounty in free roam & delivered the guy alive but still only got $33. Does anyone know why this is?
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2021.10.21 10:57 BrightscapesArt Immigrants are Most Exploited by Wage Theft

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2021.10.21 10:57 n0ahbody France 2030: Emmanuel Macron unveils a major investment plan of thirty billion euros including in particular the development of the nuclear industry and the exploration of the seabed.

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