Math Teacher Donned with Native American Headdress Chants and Dances Tea...

2021.10.21 11:13 DomBPodcast Math Teacher Donned with Native American Headdress Chants and Dances Tea...

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2021.10.21 11:13 MiuIruma332 What deck do you feel is currently being slept on by the meta?

There are tons of decks in Duel Links that could be a rogue or even a tiered deck but too little players are playing the deck or people haven’t noticed how it perfectly fit in the current meta. What decks do you feel like are like this.
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2021.10.21 11:13 TheMedianUser Russell Westbrook doesn't do any of the three things needed to win in the modern NBA

TLDR: In an earlier NBA era Westbrook might have been a top 10 all time player. However, success in the modern NBA is about three skills and Westbrook does none of them.
Success in the modern NBA is about three foundational skills:

Efficient on-ball creation (Skill #1) is the bedrock of NBA offense and it is the most translatable of these three skills through the variou eras of the NBA. To proxy for efficiency we can look at stats like PER or True Shooting or VORP or Win Shares - suffice to say that Westbrook has shown an elite capability to create shots for others BUT he does so fairly inefficiently because of turnovers and his own poor shooting threat. Westbrook’s one truly elite season was 2016-2017, when he averaged a triple double and more importantly did so with a league-leading 30.6 PER and a league-leading 41.7% Usage Rate (literally the all time high usage rate for a season in NBA history). Westbrook also led the league in Box Plus/Minus (11.1), VOPR (9.3), and Assist Percentage (57.3%), however his True Shooting percentage was merely league average at 55.4%.
2016-17 is the one year you might be able to argue that Westbrook had the goods to create successful outcomes for his team as an on-ball creator - and he did a wonderful job of raising the floor of a team that had just lost Kevin Durant to free agency. However, for all of Wesbrook’s gaudy stats, OKC was only able to capture the 6th seed and lost 4-1 in the first round of the playoffs to Houston. Since that highwater mark in 2016-17, Westbrook’s efficiency stats have plunged across every relevant category - in Washington last year Wesbrook posted a 19.5 PER despite a much lower 30.2% usage rate and his VORP, BPM, and WS numbers were entirely pedestrian.
In 2020-21 Russell Westbrook is not able to be an efficient, high usage on-ball creator for a contending NBA team. What about the other two skills?
Effective shooting to force opponents to guard you and create space for playmakers (Skill #2) is by far the top off-ball skill required for modern NBA success. The NBA changed the sport in 2001-02 by removing the 'Illegal Defense' rule, thus allowing teams to play zone and overload one side of the floor defensively. In the 1990s and earlier, it didn't MATTER if everyone could shoot on the floor - you still had to guard everyone or else you would get called for Illegal Defense. The Illegal Defense rule created ARTIFICIAL space on the floor by not allowing zone or double teaming, which allowed teams to play non-shooters without destroying space for their on-ball playmakers.
After the Illegal Defense rule was removed, the early 2000s NBA produced some of the UGLIEST basketball that the NBA has ever seen with low-scoring games and horrifying floor spacing. With artificial spacing removed it was much more difficult to score BECAUSE teams had not yet figured out how to create ACTUAL space through flooding the floor with effective shooters and the collective skill level of long-range shooting was still underdeveloped across the league.
League-wide, the shift toward flooding the floor with effective shooters to create ACTUAL space has been comprehensively adopted. Here's a look at per game NBA 3 point shooting league-wide by decade:
2000s - 15.7 attempts, 5.6 makes, 35.6%
2010s - 23.1 attempts, 8.2 makes, 35.6%
2020s - 34.4 attempts, 12.5 makes, 36.2% (so far)
The league has more than DOUBLED attempted threes per game while IMPROVING the overall make rate. This is a sport-changing trend and suggests (1) a completely different game is being played than the one that was played 20 years ago, (2) a MASSIVE revolution in skill development has occurred league-wide, and (3) teams have figured out that effective three point shooting is the way to create spacing on the floor without the Illegal Defense rule to help them.
Obviously the Splash Brothers Warriors and LeBron/Kyrie/Love Cavs epitomized this trend toward floor spacing - and I would argue the Spurs were an early innovator in this trend as well. The LeBron/AD Lakers innovated on this approach by trading for AD, who I think is the One True Unicorn in the NBA because he can both space the floor and play switchable defensive player of the year type defense at the highest leverage place on the floor (the rim). The Bubble Lakers worked BECAUSE (1) LeBron complemented his all-worked on-ball playmaking with legitimate floor-spacing shooting, (2) AD is an absolute unicorn who was HIGHLY efficient with his shooting, and (3) they surrounded those two with rangy, switchable, energetic 3-and-D type guys (KCP, Danny Green, Kieff, Caruso, Kuzma - and they got an insane playoff run from Playoff Rondo).
Russell Westbrook represents a transgressive move back to 1990s or early 2000s basketball because he is simply NOT an efficient or effective off-ball threat with his shooting. Thus, teams can sag off of him and destroy the space that LeBron and AD need to operate. Without the Illegal Defense rule, the Lakers will be forced to play 4 on 5 in possessions where Westbrook is on the floor but does not have the ball in his hands. And if you’re putting the ball in his hands then you’re taking it out of LeBron’s hands or AD’s hands - that is a losing proposition for the Lakers just as it was for the Rockets when they tried to make him work next to Harden. And Houston traded an all-NBA level center (Capela) to try to create more space on the floor because of how Russ completely destroyed spacing.
It's not about Russ's talent - he's mega talented and I think he would have been potentially a top 10 all time player in a different era where the illegal defense rule created ARTIFICIAL space for a player like him to operate within OR an era where the 3 point line did not exist. But in today's NBA, he has to have the ball in his hands or he is not only ineffective but actively detrimental to floor spacing.
Effective pick-and-roll defense at the point of attack with switchable, connected defenders (Skill #3) is the bedrock of almost all modern NBA defenses and it certainly is the type of defense the Lakers want to play with highly switchable defenders like AD, LeBron, Ariza, and Bazemore. If you can't effectively guard the point of attack in the pick and roll in the modern NBA then this forces other defenders to help off of shooters and you open up the floor completely for opposing playmakers and shooters. Unfortunately, for as inefficient as Wesbrook is with on-ball playmaking and off-ball shooting, he is probably even worse on defense. Given his size, Wesbrook needs to be guarding a perimeter player - and given his lack of defensive instincts he needs to be guarding one of the less threatening perimeter players. However, the Lakers got rid of EVERY SINGLE PLAYER who was effective guarding the pick and roll ball handler on their team over the last two years (KCP, Caruso, Green) and brought in players who are entirely ineffective guarding on ball in the pick and roll action (Nunn, Ellington, Monk, and, obviously, Westbrook).
The players on the Lakers’ roster who can do it (when dialed in) are Bazemore, Rondo, and Bradley (THT is still theoretical here - not sure he's ready for this kind of top assignment in a big moment). If Rondo/Bradley are playing big minutes this year that means the season is a disaster - they are so limited offensively (space destroyers) that they are not worth playing. That means you have ONE PLAYER (Bazemore) to guard the point of attack - but he will only play 30 minutes a game, who does it when he's out? And what if he gets injured or is just ineffective in certain matchups? Defensively speaking, I think you can only have ONE of Westbrook, Nunn, Ellington, and Monk on the floor at a time - and that's a HUGE HUGE HUGE problem because you need Nunn, Ellington, and Monk as shooters to space the floor for Russ to be effective.
This is why Vogel has in my opinion the most difficult job in the league this year. If he wants to play Russ he can't play alongside other bad defenders - meaning no to Melo, Nunn, Ellington, or Monk. AND Russ can't play with other bad shooters - meaning no Rondo, Bradley, Dwight, or DeAndre. AND you have to pray like hell that THT can be effective at age 20 as a switchable wing defender AND an off the ball shooting threat (I'm high on THT's future but not sold on his present). That leaves Ariza, Bazemore, AD, LeBron as really the only players you want playing next to Russ for any length of time. That's unworkable for a million different reasons - a big one being that LeBron-centric or LeBron/AD-centric lineups are still likely to be the best lineups that the Lakers have. The Lakers just do not have another big spacing player (like Kieff last year or Batum for Clippers) that they can roll in off the bench.
CONCLUSION: Westbrook lacks the ability to efficiently or effectively execute the three necessary skills for success in the modern NBA. His most effective position is with the ball in his hands in attack and surrounded by shooters - but he is inefficient at this skill and wildly worse than LeBron. His shooting has gotten WORSE over the course of his career and both advanced stats and the eye test show him to be a space destroyer as an off-ball player. And defensively he cannot effectively defend the pick-and-roll to the level required to maintain the defensive standard that the Lakers have set.
The only way I see Russ working on the Lakers is if he's the only non-shooter on the floor (can't be played with Rondo, DeAndre or Dwight, for instance) and if you give him the ball to attack (meaning you're taking the ball out of LeBron's hands). This suggests to me at least that his IDEAL role is as a bench energy guy who comes on for 15 minutes a game when LeBron is off the floor. This is obviously not going to happen and it’s not what they bought him for - but I’m guessing that over the course of this season it will become clear to the Lakers that Westbrook simply cannot be an effective crunch time player.
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2021.10.21 11:13 CatBallerer Healing via laying on of hands

Does anyone know any rituals about healing via laying on of hands?
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2021.10.21 11:13 WeNeedToTalkAboutMe Load of Classified & Retros at Statesville NC Walmart

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2021.10.21 11:13 LIGHTSTARGAZER [WP] "The asteroids are infested with mining drones and their forces outnu-"

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2021.10.21 11:13 TechiesLilPlayground Oh boy, this isn't going to end well, is it?!

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2021.10.21 11:13 the_almighty_hotdog The spoon user the one who scoops

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2021.10.21 11:13 throwaway27997457454 Gf said she would like to see me with other girls.

So me (18m) and my girlfriend (18f) talked about kinks and stuff, she told me about her kink that she never told me about (we been dating for 2 years), she said that she likes the idea of me being with a other girl but is scared to actually try it out. I told her that we don’t have to rush and reassured her.
My question is how do I make her comfortable with the idea of me being with a other girl ? She really wants to try it out but is apparently scared so how do I make her comfortable?
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2021.10.21 11:13 Ricosss ALSUntangled #63: ketogenic diets. (Pub Date: 2021-10-14)
Abstract ALSUntangled reviews alternative and off label treatments with a goal of helping patients make more informed decisions about them. Here we review ketogenic diets. We shows that these have plausible mechanisms, including augmenting cellular energy balance and reducing excitotoxicity, neuroinflammation and oxidative stress. We review a mouse model study, anecdotal reports and trials in ALS and other diseases. We conclude that there is yet not enough data to recommend ketogenic diets for patients with ALS, especially in light of the many side effects these can have.
------------------------------------------ Info ------------------------------------------
Open Access: False
Authors: Richard Bedlack - Paul E. Barkhaus - Benjamin Barnes - Morgan Beauchamp - Tulio Bertorini - Mark B. Bromberg - Gregory T. Carter - Vinay Chaudry - Merit Cudkowicz - Ce Jackson - Gleb Levitsky - Isaac Lund - Christopher McDermott - Steven Novella - Natasha Olby - Lyle Ostrow - Gary L. Pattee - Terry Heiman-Patterson - Dylan Ratner - Kristiana Salmon - Susan Steves - Mark Terrelonge - Paul Wicks - Anne-Marie Wills -
Additional links: None found
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2021.10.21 11:13 jpmc59 Got bored and desided to do some battle damage tests on an old kit

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2021.10.21 11:13 SlyAnne Hi i'm new on fansly , i'm from Montevideo Uruguay hope enjoy My free content , and if u like it suscribe for exclusive content 😘😘

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2021.10.21 11:13 nana_defiants Planning to join the meme contest by LuxFi?

Submit your entries now while the contest is still open.
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2021.10.21 11:13 Kraymerica12 Carrier Infinity Thermostat

I just got a new carrier infinity touch wifi thermostat installed a couple of months ago to replace the google nest thermostat I had before, in order to take advantage of the infinity system I have, where the nest thermostat would only do stage 2 heating/cooling and didn't work with the Infinity system as efficiently. The thermostat worked properly for the first few days, but for about the last month, it has been inaccessible from the iPhone app with the error: "The system has not connected to wi-fi recently". If I go to the unit on the wall it says it is connected to my wifi, and connected to carriers MyInfinity server, both are green. I am able to see the device from my router and verify it is connected, but the smartphone app still reports the thermostat as being offline. I have verified the thermostat is running the latest firmware, version 131626-04.05. The thermostat model is SYSTXCCITC01-B. Nothing changed on my home network that I am aware of. Did I get a bad wall unit? Did the device auto-update to new firmware and this is a bug? Carrier support hasn't even responded to my request. Anyone else running this model or seen issues like this before?
Do I have to sacrifice the efficiency of carriers thermostat to gain the "smart" technology that is reliable and has better support like the google nest or ecobee thermostat? Is there no happy medium?
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2021.10.21 11:13 rostrye Windows 11 fonts at 100% feels squashed

So I tried win 11 and fonts at 100% on taskbar, settings and start menu feels more squashed making them poor readability compared.
Attached is a screenshot which compared both win 11 and 10 at 100% and 125%
At 125% both feels almost same (win 11 being better).
Since i have 27 inch 1440p monitor, 125% seems much bigger as I have get used to 100% on win 10.
I initially thought maybe I will get used to it but it is been 2 weeks and I have reverted back to windows 10.
Does anyone else feels the same?
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2021.10.21 11:13 DramaticPraline8 I think it's the gaslighting that's irking me the most ...

If you've ever been in a relationship where you've been told that what you are seeing with your own eyes (and even further, what you've experienced) is not true, then ALRs behavior might feel familiar. It does to me.
(Caveat: I respect Jade's right to privacy. This isn't about that.)
When gorl tells us that she is the most content she's ever been with the deadest eyes I've seen, I know something isn't right.
When she tells us she's single, or that the cats are making noise, or that she has "friends", I know something feels off.
When she says there's no drama and that she's just doing things differently and acting like shit isn't a big mess behind the scenes, it feels like I'm being lied to right to my face.
We can all see (especially those who have been on her merry-go-round for years and years) that everything is off-kilter. And yet, we're being told nothing is and that life is grand for our former babygirl, AmberLynn Reid.
I don't buy it, not for one second.
(Caveat #2: There is no rule that she has to show us all the parts of her life nor do I think ANYthing ANYone presents on social media is 100% of the story. However, her channel was created by the constant drama she swirls around her and the cast of characters with whom she interacts. Now she is acting like she's Miss Content Creator of the Universe and it's always been about that. Puhlease.)
It's like someone sucked the joy and life and spirit out of her and all that's left is a hollow shell of bitter cruelty (which may or may not be the core of who she is). It's like we are watching her slowly die inside while being told she's GREAT! HAPPY! ON TRACK!
I don't buy it and I wonder what happens when the walls all cave in. If Jade has her on the straight and narrow, what becomes of that when she (eventually) leaves?
This is a shitty era, that's for sure.
Am I overthinking this? Or is anyone else feeling the same?
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2021.10.21 11:13 jackcamsooksai Getting in…

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2021.10.21 11:13 ThandirBH SE: Rescuing stuck spaceships?

So, is there a trick to rescuing stuck spaceships? I've gotten lucky with most of my rescues so far, in that they were electricity issues that I could solve with fuel cells or rewiring. But, now I've got a stuck ship that's out of fuel. (Right, prevention is priority one, but here we are.)
How do you refuel? When I fly out to it, I can board it, but it doesn't put my ships next to one another for me to leech fuel. I can't possibly fit a particle accelerator onto the ship so as to tap a few antimatter barrels.
Is this ship lost? Or am I missing a feature/setting/something?
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2021.10.21 11:13 Raichi12 Mfers Are built different

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2021.10.21 11:13 emibemiz What fungus is this? (If it is a fungus)

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2021.10.21 11:13 9_9_destroyer They fixed the Zao guys!

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2021.10.21 11:13 w_savage Hello! How can I remove this window? Any advice, videos, links are appreciated. I'll also need to put it back when I'm done. thanks

Hello! How can I remove this window? Any advice, videos, links are appreciated. I'll also need to put it back when I'm done. thanks
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2021.10.21 11:13 samikarim Tall Diverticulosis sufferer like me what you find is helping you with this condition??

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2021.10.21 11:13 big-red-moments I appreciate the tents around campus
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2021.10.21 11:13 carnalhag The crazed behavior is peaking the world. Keep it coming.

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