All Tomorrows Races Natural Predators Part 1 (maybe? IDK yet)

2021.10.21 11:57 VeltosM4ster All Tomorrows Races Natural Predators Part 1 (maybe? IDK yet)

Before I start I will explain the inspiration of this post which is the “Nemetrix”, the “Nemetrix” is an object of the Ben 10 franchise that allows the wearer to transform into the natural predators of Ben’s aliens, I find that concept and decided to try to make natural predators that would hunt the AT races.
(Homonigena gigantis owned by juniorWoodchuck on dA, Great Galleon owned by u/Revolutionary-Word49 , thanks to u/Certain-Unit8147 and u/V01ded1 for helping me with some of the ideas. Also this is long.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grapplers (Snake People Predator): Although they are no longer a threat due to Snake People being bigger than their tree-climbing ancestors, maybe still fear the Grapplers. These animals are related to the worms and have also evolved to be arboreal too, but unlike the Snake People, these beasts kept their front limbs which they use to snatch at anything that comes too close. Nowadays they are considered a pest as they tend to hunt small forms of the Snake People dogs. Titan Eaters (Killer Folk Predator): also known as Homonigena gigantis, these large predators are the apex predator of the savannahs of the Killer Folk world, even in the age of civilization these monsters were still dangerous and most cities warned the people to not attract their attention as even if most of them are wary of towns many had become man-eaters in past ages. Spear Killers (Tool Breeders Predator): Tool Breeders managed to domesticate many aquatic animals, but these were some of the many that they couldn’t. Evolved from the Swimmers these fast but strong predators hunted their Swimmer cousins including early Tool Breeders. In modern days many of the parts of the Spear Killers are reused as tools but the full animal still only exists in the wild, hunting any foolish creature that enters its territory. Brutes (Saurosapients Predator): This beast doesn’t prey on Saurosapients most of the time but they enjoy going after their human mounts. Brutes are wild omnivore post-humans that have a gluttonous appetite, feeding on anything they can put their claws around which includes the docile mounts that are bred on the rural parts of the civilization, they are considered pests for the Saurosapients because of that. Devourers (Modulars Predator): The Colonials and Modular have many predators as the world is full of parasites and “grazers” that feed on the fields of meat that cover the planet, but one of these predators stands out both in size and legend. Related to the Beaked Sails the Devourers are the largest animal on the planet without counting the colonial super-organisms, these monsters are known to simply wander into towns and start to devour any colonial mass or even full-on Modulars that they see. Only in recent years with advanced weapons were the Modular managed to keep these monsters at bay but they’re still dangerous in rural areas. Murder Storks (Pterosapients Predator): Related to the Pterosapients themselves, the Murder Storks are giant post-humans that live a lifestyle similar to storks or Azhdarchids, mostly hunting medium-size prey on the ground, but they’re also known to chase down Pterosapients that come too close to their territory and since these beasts are still capable of flying not even the skies are saved. Even if nowadays Pterosapients deaths caused by Murder Storks are rare, many specimens have gone man-eater during the early years of the civilization. Nightmares (Asymmetric People Predator): Not really a natural predator but one of the many experiments made by the Lopsiders, beasts bioengineered using their own natural predators the only goal in their lives was to terrorize towns of unwilling Asymmetrics. They are starved for months and were let loose on these towns to kill and feed as much as they pleased. The only entry on this list that is extinct as they were killed by the Asymmetrics after the war, not for revenge but to free the species from their suffering as like them they were a sick species. Hot Wheels (Lopsiders Predator): the ancestors of the Nightmares, these wheeled aliens were The nightmares for the slow-moving Lopsiders. While for us these tiny animals looked just like tiny car toys for them they were the fastest predators on their planet, circling whole families of Lopsiders and taking them down one by one. Even during the era of civilization, these animals were still dangerous to towns and villas.
Leeches (Symbiotes Predator): In a world full of parasitic life forms, is not surprising that parasites for these parasites exist too, the Leeches are special parasites that evolved to feed on brain matter of Symbiotes and are a terrible pest for them with one outbreak of them causing an entire population of Symbiotes on an island to be wiped out because of the pests. Many chemical solutions have been made to try to get rid of these parasites but until now nothing has managed to make them extinct.
Great Galleon (Sail People Predator): A massive sailing predator that roams the sea, it does not simply feed on Sail People but anything it can get its jaws and tongues around, not even the Leviathans of the world are saved from this monster of a beast, it is truly the true King of the Sail People world. Aphrodite Maw (Satyriacs Predator): Satyriac world has always been a paradise for animal life but the same can’t be said for plants, living in such a restricted place forced them to evolve odd behaviors to survive, one of these plants was an interesting plant that evolved to gain substance form flesh of Hedonists, shaping its pedals to attract male Hedonists so they would think it was a female, only to be sucked in and digested when they would try to penetrate. Later on, these plants would mostly focus on other fauna as Satyriacs would get smart enough to not fall for the trap but it still affected their culture. Bug-Eater Eater (Bug Facer Predator): Oh yeah I know the creative name right here but this is a direct translation of the creature name in the Bug Facer language. The beast actually is one of the many animals that used to live on Star People colony and was transformed when the Qu invaded, the animal in question was Anteaters that were bred as pets but not are vicious predators with sharp-pointed tongues that stab their prey and slice the insides until their tiny enough to be licked into the mouth of the beast. Stalkers (Asteromorph Predator): Living inside old and abandoned labs all around the asteroid homes of the Asteromorphs, the Stalkers are failed experiments done by the Spacers while trying to perfect their bodies to survive in zero gravity, while most experiments were killed off some survived thanks to activist moves from the Spacers that thanks to backlash simply decided to leave them be on these lost places. Stalkers hunt using their propulsion to ambush prey on the dark hallways, this also includes any Asteromorph that decided to float onto these places.
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2021.10.21 11:57 mikhil92 Cabinet Suggestion for given peri.

Hi Guys I am currently using the below build.
PROC: Ryzen 5 3600 MOBO: Asus Prime b450m-A GPU: RTX 2060 (Not super) RAM: XPG ADATA Spectrix D60G 8x2
Cabinet: Ant Esports ICE 400TG
I have an AIO installed for the proc and thus stays at 60 degrees C. However, due to the poor airflow and high ambient temperature in India, the graphics card runs at 85 degrees C.
I am looking to upgrade to a better cabinet. Need suggestions and want to know if a Mid tower FF will fit all my parts.
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SW 283.5 CW 276.3 1st GW 250
Trying to do 16:8 but usually is 18:6 dontonwork schedule and such... no specific diet just keeping calories just below maintenance which is on average 2300 cals my average calories burned is 3200...
I do try and get a few walks in per week and at least do a weight workout 3 times a week...
Any changes I can make to help with this weight loss... less calories?
Haven't lost any weight since my weigh in on Oct 4th??
Thanks in advance
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My farmer is running Win 10 pro with 24 SAS drives. It also farms on networked drives.
Using chia plots check, lookup times are about 15ms (local) and 1,300 (networked).
The log file shows lots of proofs taking just over 5 seconds for both local and networked drives. Why is this, and what can I do to fix it?
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