hi6fb s86zk 8brrf hs9if 259d9 6z848 3ahtf iaeez td28y 7ea6s fthf2 hbhe6 f66sn b4rf8 a3a32 zz6zr i69yb z5d78 8d54y f5kza h24ik Israel, UAE sign 'green corridor' agreement for vaccinated passengers - Israeli consulate in Dubai |

Israel, UAE sign 'green corridor' agreement for vaccinated passengers - Israeli consulate in Dubai

2021.10.25 08:56 _I_AM_GHOST_ Israel, UAE sign 'green corridor' agreement for vaccinated passengers - Israeli consulate in Dubai

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2021.10.25 08:56 nopwitesh Easiest Drinks for a party

What are the easiest to make drinks for a small house party ? Me and my friends usually drink beers or vodka (straight or mixed with oj)
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2021.10.25 08:56 qualitysince1967 Rare opportunity for me time

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2021.10.25 08:56 Queen_of_dogs_01 IT IS DONE, THE OCEAN QUEEN RISES

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2021.10.25 08:56 vipkid_ Motivation???

No future bookings. No future at VIPKID. Might not get final pay or final incentives? I have no motivation. Every lesson is so tough now. Anyone else ready for it all to just end?
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2021.10.25 08:56 ivazurel has any past year 12s studied only the night before their exams and still gotten a decent atar?

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2021.10.25 08:56 dafoak PCs want to involve Force Grey and Lords' Alliance in the Kolat Towers heist. What do? (Alexandrian)

Basically title. If they do that, I think they will ruin a great amount of fun. For example, Batman never calls on Superman to take care of the joker. Why? because that wouldn't be interesting.
What are some good reasons Force Grey and Lords' Alliance would refuse to assist while not being completely dismissive to them?
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2021.10.25 08:56 Evening_Ad9470 Strong project

Amazing project, Waiting to be a part of it
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2021.10.25 08:56 killHACKS Helpful humans!

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2021.10.25 08:56 SuckerFor_Sweets "Gatekeep Gaslight Girlboss" will be my motto from now on. I love T/N's lmaoo

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2021.10.25 08:56 Simplename26characte A fanart of Iron Man made by an IA

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2021.10.25 08:56 rozan55 Its mountains are blooming

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2021.10.25 08:56 rmattana New Magic card [MTGO Pauper]

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2021.10.25 08:56 raphielsteel SEA gang vs the whole world

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2021.10.25 08:56 ukheather Get £10 Bitcoin FREE in just 24 hours from Mode! (UK & Europe only)

Get £10 Bitcoin FREE in just 24 hours from Mode! (UK & Europe only)
We will both receive £10 of free Bitcoin in just 24 hours, when you buy over £100 of BTC on Mode.

  1. Use my link to download
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You can withdraw it all after you get the bonus if you like or save it for future and earn more money! I would definitely recommend saving it but this is your choice.
Feel free to send me a message if you need help and I will gladly help you!
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2021.10.25 08:56 Shapoo1 Now’s your chance

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2021.10.25 08:56 binnyboi Merc is very squishy with Infinity

After so many hours of grinding and trades, I was finally to make my first Infinity for the first time ever, and it really is a game changer as a now light sorc.
Only problem is, my Merc has been spoiled with life leech from The Reapers Toll and dies quite easily now. I did switch to Holy freeze and that seems to help a lot.
His gear currently is a non eth Andy's, eth thresher Infinity, and non eth treachery.
Would switching to Fortitude in an eth base help much ? Mobs can't kill him if they're dead , right ? 😅
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2021.10.25 08:56 Stach37 Hard work pays off on the field for Riders’ Deon Lacey

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2021.10.25 08:56 BadMeditator Is there any specific type of exercise I can do to avoid thigh DOMS?

I'm overweight and am new to exercise. Whenever I do a full body workout I get thigh DOMS the next day. It doesn't go away for 3-4 days and within that time I usually lose the motivation to get a regular workout. Ideally, I want to have thighs that don't get DOMS even after an intense workout. How do I go about it?
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2021.10.25 08:56 jacethehedgehog Fallout glitched i guess

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2021.10.25 08:56 hmmmbro65 Jeb screaming in Minecraft

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2021.10.25 08:56 mjc418 My beliefs are so all over the place that I’m not even sure where to start

I don’t want to start any fights or arguments, but I felt it would be good to give a little background of my journey so far. Long story short, I was a Pentecostal Christian for about twenty years, but after the Trump presidency, I became disgusted with my fellow believers. I didn’t want to be associated with others who are sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. I was also mad that God would allow His followers to go so far against biblical teachings. So I don’t believe in the Christian god anymore. I want to be an atheist, but I can’t believe with absolute certainty that there is no god.
I believe that “nature” is the creator of life, but I don’t believe that it’s some intelligent and omniscient deity. Almost everything that we have observed on our planet and in the universe follows rules of order and balance. I believe in respecting and seeking harmony with the overall force of nature. For at least the past few hundred years, humans have been throwing nature further and further off balance, and I feel it will eventually destroy our planet.
I also believe in science and modern medicine. Humans have evolved enough to be able to observe and study the workings of the universe and to also create technology and medicine that fight things nature may have used to wipe us out. I also have many humanistic beliefs. I believe that we are solely responsible for helping and taking care of each other, over praying for a god to grant us our every want and need. I believe that we control our own paths and destinies, and not that there’s some preordained plan that we fall into.
Back to the nature part, I really like the idea of celebrating the 8 Wiccan Sabbats because they give respect and reverence to nature, but I don’t believe in magic or the gods and goddesses being anything more than symbolic.
So I guess I’m something like an agnostic-techno-humanistic-Wiccan? I’m just wondering if there’s anyone else with a similar set of beliefs, or who can at least point me in the right direction of where I should go.
Also, I hope that this is okay to post this here. From what I understand, Wicca is a sub-genre of Pagan beliefs, but maybe there’s another belief system under the umbrella of Paganism that I just don’t know about yet. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.25 08:56 lapin_52 Elderly Delivery Gentleman Receives a Life-changing Tip

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2021.10.25 08:56 Odd1nary Is it awkward to say happy birthday

So I like this girl in my class we haven't talked yet but I want to start talking to her. Is it awkward to say happy birthday to girl you haven't talked to? Her birthday is within a few days. So it would be great if anyone could help
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2021.10.25 08:56 licheese WW1 Relics found nearby Ypres, including a WW1 English Canteen !

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