I Wonder who writted that....

2021.09.28 19:17 GeneralTwelve I Wonder who writted that....

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2021.09.28 19:17 mackey_00 Leggy at Bond premiere

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2021.09.28 19:17 Quzzyz Using a time loop and a memory wiper you arrange an anonymous internet conversation with yourself. How do you think this conversation will go?

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2021.09.28 19:17 kid_from_upcountry Covid Test

Just got into Denver, where can i get a covid test easy and in time for tomorrow's show? TIA
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2021.09.28 19:17 tangerinemike Hull City v Blackpool LIVE: Updates as Seasiders bid to claim third straight win

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2021.09.28 19:17 Agreeable-Poet5415 Why are my struts disappearing?

Context: I sent a mission with kerbals to Eva construct some struts onto my space station and all the struts connected completely fine in Eva construction there were some times that they disappeared when placing them because something was in the way but I fixed that. I sent the kerbals home and completed the mission but when I switched back to the station the struts were gone as of they were placed with something in the way. Why is that? And why did it only happen after I completed the mission?
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2021.09.28 19:17 limeblast Playing the Water Song

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2021.09.28 19:17 gifmeuk New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.09.28 19:17 A_Girl_Has_No_Name58 Looking for a specific book-

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this inquiry. I apologize if it isn’t. I’m trying to track down a 2001- first print, first edition copy of La Sombra del Viento published by Planeta. I’ve been scouring the internet, but have been unable to track this down. Any leads or suggestions would be much appreciated. (Already tried Biblio, ABEBooks, Amazon, e-bay, etc.)
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2021.09.28 19:17 know_mad910 8 days sober, havent told anyone but my coworker

I dont like the attention from things like fb and instagram so I've been keeping this to myself, I dont want to get friends and family hyped up to let them down, so I'm just metaphorically chugging away at being sober. I made it through the weekend which was surprisingly easy, I went out to the bar, I had 1 na beer and the rest of the time i drank na seltzers infused with cbd, my main reason for doing this is to prove to myself that I can do it, to feel self worth again, and to be proud of myself for accomplishing a goal. Sobriety was my decision and not something that is being forced on me. I have enjoyed the past few days of waking up with a clear head and the amount of energy I have is almost uncontainable. This is a big step for me as I have been drinking heavily for the last 15+ years (32m), I am from england and we all know how the English culture is all about getting hammered, where I live in the states is a beach college town with nothing but bars everywhere, so I've been immersed in drinking culture for quite some time now, and to be honest, it's time for a much welcomed change. Most of my relationships with family have been ruined due to my consumption issues and for me to reconcile any of those relationships I feel for myself that it is important to do so with a clear head. Anyway I just wanted to put it out there somewhere that I made it 8 days!!! Woot woot and that even though this is a very small milestone that I for once in a long time am actually proud of myself.
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2021.09.28 19:17 LeavingTON618 36 [M4F] USA/STL/Online - Ten Things You'll Hate About Me

  1. I'm not long-term relationship material. I'm not short-term relationship material. I shouldn't even rent a car.
  2. I don't believe in God, free-will, nor souls. (But I do believe in life after love.)
  3. Mommy issues. I wasn't breastfed and to this day every time I pay her a visit I try to sneak a bite.
  4. I'm convinced life is meaningless; thus I oscillate between selfish nihilism and fragile co-dependency. Whichever gets me laid first.
  5. My income is three times as much as any one person needs and I piss most of it away on quick fixes (and shoes, omfg.)
  6. I have a twelve year-old's sense of humor and intelligence combined with the disposition and fashion-sense of a geriatric convict.
  7. I take almost nothing personally and assume everyone else can do the same (so get over it, ya big baby).
  8. I have concurrent disgust and envy with/of all people (and most animals).
  9. I'm physically unable to procreate (unfortunate incident involving a feral chihuahua and a discarded Hot Pocket - litigation pending).
  10. I only feel alive when I'm destroying myself (or square dancing).
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2021.09.28 19:17 Gibtohom Is this repairable? Went travelling for 6 months and my family decided to use it while I was away.

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2021.09.28 19:17 InternalSwimming2726 Question about the ranking

How to I check the rank I’m in now. I don’t mean 2v2 3v3s but the main rank I’m in
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2021.09.28 19:17 blerrycat What should I do about my life? _____

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2021.09.28 19:17 Cobbler_Huge Even Dr stone knows

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2021.09.28 19:17 Hyan-Daggreat I see no lies

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2021.09.28 19:17 skulgoth I need help finding the title of a Superman book

All I can remember was it had something to do with several Supermen from the multiverse. I think they were being forced to battle but I'm not sure about that part. There was a Superman that was able to grab the heat vision blasts from another Superman like a rope. He explained that most of the other Supermen didn't fully understand the scope of their abilities. I remember reading it years ago but don't remember what it's from. I've asked around and tried googling it but to no avail. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.09.28 19:17 AccusedSpark343 [Mesa] Grineer Scout

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2021.09.28 19:17 gifmeuk New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.09.28 19:17 Spectacles-Testicles Anyone else love the DMG as much as me?

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2021.09.28 19:17 svbman I'm brand new to Georgism and I have some questions

I'm extremely grateful for the fact that this sub exists. As of late, I've been doing more rigorous thinking and reading about various economic systems (as you might be able to tell from my post history). The debate between capitalism and socialism, individualism vs. collectivism, and taxation vs. markets are the most important areas of political discourse in human history. The structure of the economy, distribution of wealth and mobilization of the means of production.
With that said, here are my questions about Georgism and how it might be implemented:

  1. What's the difference between LVT and property tax?
  2. Does the Lockean theory of homesteading make sense?
  3. What is the Georgist perspective on programs like universal healthcare, universal childcare and social security?
  4. What is the Georgist perspective on wage labour and trade unions?
  5. In procuring a parcel of land with money, am I not exchanging products of my labour
  6. What if the LVT isn't enough? What if the money collected from
  7. Do Georgists oppose intellectual property? If so, why?
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2021.09.28 19:17 Aggravating_School84 I am curious

So when I was reading the light novel I was thinking to myself it's been almost 4000 chapters since the soul warming lotus was a seventh leaf. And it still not supreme version, so my question is did he stop feeding it resources or what because by now it should have gotten to supreme.
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2021.09.28 19:17 riccipt This is the largest 1 day rise in Deaths in Cambria County since Jan 21

43 new confirmed and 63 new probable cases plus 5 new deaths in Cambria County for a total of 17,134 (11,820 confirmed, 5,314 probable, 464 deaths). 75 new deaths in PA, 2 each in Blair and Westmoreland Counties and 1 each in Indiana and Somerset Counties. 5,287 partial 60,230 full vaccinations. 46.26% of the county population, the 7 day average for full vaccinations, 84.3 per day, 734 received 3rd booster. Child cases are reported weekly. Cases age 0-4: New 19, cumulative, 51. Cases age 5-18: New 128, Cumulative 336. Death Chart
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2021.09.28 19:17 tradenpaint 2021 Tundra Crewcab backseat hack

Does anyone know about a modification you can do to your rear seat to make it fold down? I've heard this is possible to do...anyone done it?
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2021.09.28 19:17 simplysick [UK] [H] GMK Future Funk Bundle [W] Paypal

All NEW and SEALED, price includes shipping.
GMK Future Funk (Base Kit)
GMK Future Funk (Space Kit)
GMK Future Funk (Light Alphas Kit)
GMK Future Funk (Icon Mod. Kit)
Future Funk (Deskmat) FF2020 Deskmat
Only Selling as Bundle
Price= £450
UK and EU buyers only please.
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