Red Hot Chili Peppers Play ‘By the Way’ With John Frusciante in 2007

2021.09.28 18:05 THEZUKUS Red Hot Chili Peppers Play ‘By the Way’ With John Frusciante in 2007

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2021.09.28 18:05 Smash_Nerd Without giving context, what are some inside jokes you and your groups have?

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2021.09.28 18:05 Significant_Cry_2826 Just Laucnched Hype is real | MoonShot🚀 WhiteFeg🦍 Liq Locked for 2 Year | Contract renounced| Dev Might Dox!✅

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$WhiteFeg 🦍 understands the low level of trust in the DeFi space currently and are taking all measures to reduce this distrust as much as possible.
The team will be renouncing ownership of the contract this will take all powers away from the developer to interact with the contract and rug-pull or cause malicious intent. As well as renunciation the liquidity will be locked through mudra for 2 year, this showing investors the team and token dynamic is here for the long term.
Links related to WhiteFeg
Contract: 0xa74779869dcb9ceb24e045141acb81188477b5bb
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
Join the communities now, we are so early on this project grab a bag and enjoy this GEM
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2021.09.28 18:05 MillennialBets $SPIR - Big Money has turned SPIR into the best deSPAC powder-keg opportunity in existence. Massive OI on a tiny, illiquid float, with large whales (not retail) setting the table to be perfectly positioned for a violent, massive move to the upside.

Date: 2021-09-28 10:28:59, Author: u/warren_buffet_table, (Karma: 2703, Created:Jun-2021)
SubReddit: spacs, DD Click Here
PICTURES DETECTED: this DD post is better viewed in it's original post
Some Tickers mentioned in this post:
FF 7.37 |FLUX 5.23 |SDC 5.535 |OPAD 9.67 |IRNT 25.16 |ARQQ 20.29 |SPIR 14.24 |
Disclaimer: Don't just go buying shit. Read the post, assess the situation and decide if/how you would like to participate. This is not financial advice, but a look into a specific situation which appears specific players have created massive upside potential. Or it's not (as with anything, never know).
In this post, we will see why $SPIR represents the best setup for a parabolic move to the upside, and why the smart money has already set up to create this scenario. You can join in, or sit back and watch. Big money probably doesn't care, since they do what they want anyways.
TLDR: The big money has been setting up $SPIR for a massive run to the upside. The options chain is loaded, mostly from block buys of 1k+ contracts. $10-20 October calls OI represent MORE THAN AVAILABLE FLOAT. 9k Nov 15 Puts, representing 50% of the float, were also purchased by the same party. When these puts go OTM**, MM will (potentially) PURCHASE 50% of FF.** These put blocks created the big drops, and additionally create a STRONGER gamma ramp upwards past 15. No one is selling in a meaningful way. The bone-dry volume, along with steady decrease in sellers + whales BTFD, means there is nowhere left to go but up. Violently. Just as they planned this whole time. They are purposefully dropping IV/share price to low levels (by buying Nov 15p), while loading shares and options at the most dangerous part of the gamma ramp.
General Thesis reporting for duty: I maintain the thesis that these deSPAC moves are 100% coming from big money. While retail can help add fuel to the fire, we are but humble barnacles, riding on the backs of whales. As well, the actual fundamentals in these plays do not matter at all. I believe whales have identified the advantage they have in the deSPAC play against the market makers, due to the tiny floats that come from high redemptions, and will continue abuse this situation for gains while it is allowed. That being said, SPIR is actually an interesting company, I can see why one would like to go long here.
Preface #1:
The market is net-negative, it's literally all about taking money from others. Anyone buying options is betting directly against the market maker (or whoever sold the options, thetagang lol). You don't MAKE money in the market, you TAKE IT. In this case, from the MM who sold the calls to you (or thetagang lol: "i WaS GOnNa sElL ANYWayS cAnt gO broKE tAkInG ProFiT").
If your calls are green you get to take that money from the market maker. They want the calls (and puts) they sold you to be red and expire OTM, so they can take your money and say better luck next time. This sets the stage for our Whale vs. MM scenario.
For additional review/catch-up on the general deSPAC phenomenon, please see my profile's previous DD.

TLBIWRALB (Too long, but I want to read a little bit):
SPIR has been set by whales to explode upwards:

Extended Research Section
We will do recap of past deSPAC squeezes, with 1 non-SPAC to compare as a control. Not all SPAC squeezes (and squeezes in general) are created equal. We seek to anticipate the future price action based on previous, similar plays.

Look at these graphs
OPAD, at the height of the squeeze #2 on 9/16, had 100M shares traded, this is retail, and algos swarming en-masse, plus potential big money. Squeeze #1, on 9/07, was whale fueled. Notice the massive green dildo candle at 1130am, totaling 5m shares, which rocketed the price up nearly 50%, and then it dropped almost immediately. A quick whale PnD does not sustain elevated price levels. The price did not stair-step, but instead ripped higher (got halted) and immediately dropped below where the rip started. The whales decide to GTFO before lil' barnacles like me can react. I made, and then immediately lost a ton of money on squeeze #1. I was a sad barnacle.
Notice the massive volume on run #2, which points to steady retail/whale buying.
OPAD #1 Playbook Review – Quick Whale Pump n Dump

ARQQ saw only 3M shares traded on 9/07 (squeeze #1, reached $26) and 2M shares on 9/23 (Squeeze #2, reached $41.52). ARQQ has no options chain, and thus the only squeezing is from short squeezing, and liquidity squeezing. There are hardly any shares in the float, therefore it is easy to run it up in a precision manner. Easy for an organized party with buying power, that is. ARQQ is slowly stair-stepping higher, until big money decides to go play somewhere else. Squeeze #1 appears to be a PnD whale, while #2 looks like a more spread out, retail + whales fight. Looks like whales decided to leave today, however we still see a decline on lower volume, and not a massive whale dump.
ARQQ #2 Playbook Review – Stair Step Short Squeeze (no options, no gamma squeeze)

During the IRNT frenzies, we saw the initial run-up on 9/03 + AH on 5M volume. 9/07 (A) during the first sell-off, we saw 33m shares traded. Cue half of reddit complaining and selling out of their position for a loss since it didn't go up in 1 day. Pepperidge farm remembers. From there, we see a steady climb to 9/15 with about 8m volume per day, until 9/15 and 9/16 (B), giving us MASSIVE 59m + volume days. That is 30x the free float traded, daily. The storyline should be clear, this is retail + the big whales, who accumulated from 9/03 to 9/14.

Playbook review – IRNT Extended whale + retail gamma squeeze
IRNT Timeline review
I believe the IRNT timeline most closely matches the current SPIR timeline.

Non SPAC, regular float control as comparison. SDC “squeeze”
SDC is a fun one. You can see retail YOLO-ing in with their market orders (god bless), hence the massive rip at open, and subsequent fall in SP. Sellers arrived en-masse, and overpowered the buyers. No market order was safe. This price action is the OPPOSITE of what we are looking for, should we be wishing to identify and follow the whales for an extended run-ups from gamma and short squeezes. This makes a sad barnacle. Had whales been in the game with the objective to run up the price and keep the 7C in the money, we would see sustained buying power to keep it above 7, not massive pumps and dumps. Retail could not keep the price above 7. MM + sellers dumped that Friday, no whales to hold the price, and theta gang took your tendies. Sad barnacle noises.
Whales did not want to join in a meaningful way. Unsurprisingly, whales don't give a shit about SDC. Float is big, and they have no technical advantages against the market makers. Why play if the odds are not significantly in your favor?
This brings us back to SPIR, which is perfectly set up to favor a long whale squeeze of MMs. Let us examine and see if it is following the formula for an IRNT - like run, (corresponding to wave A in chart above) or a whale PnD like OPAD, SDC.

Current pattern for SPIR
We see repeated patterns of long whales setting up for a massive run, not a quick PnD. Resistance zones become support. Higher lows and liar hoes .Deep ITM calls being purchased, forcing MM to deliver shares. Massive volume drying up during the selling periods. The majority of selling pressure was created by ITM Nov Puts, purchased in blocks by PHLX, the same purchaser of a massive amount of calls. I believe they are setting the table for a massive run to the upside.
Nov 15p addendum:
With options scanners, we see PHLX was behind the massive blocks of put buying for Nov. They are also responsible for many October ITM/NTM calls being purchased. The large red candles correspond directly with large orders of Nov 15P .Why buy puts, if you own massive amounts of calls? Why buy puts instead of dumping/shorting shares?
Overall, if this thesis is correct, an outstanding move from PHLX to both lower the price, and create an even larger gamma ramp past $15.

TLDRBIFMOI: (Too long, did read but I forgot most of it):
SPIR has:
Final notes
The S1 was released on 9/23, I do not believe we will see significant dilution before October OpEx, or before the long whale makes their move. I believe the long whales in this play know this already, or they would have left immediately after the S1 was filed. The resiliency of the price around the $14 zone (highly volatile edge of gamma ramp) would confirm this. We did not see the bottom fall out, but instead price drops on LOW VOLUME to the area of most extreme gamma ramping. Minimal volume and severe barcoding of price enforces the idea that any heavy sellers are gone, and that the whales do not fear the S1 filing.
calls from 10 - 20
shares too
Best of luck to everyone, not financial advice, make your own decisions.
-happy barnacle noises-
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2021.09.28 18:05 Bluewhitedog unlikely to improve anytime soon with Nuno at the helm...

The only way is...?
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2021.09.28 18:05 BeanymanSports Raphaël Varane 🎙 | Man Utd v Villarreal | Pre-Match Press Conference | Champions League

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2021.09.28 18:05 Dr_GIR Leechburg's Klasnick wants to build off momentum on Section 1-AA golf title

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2021.09.28 18:05 nyx4tune Annalyzing Bast's and Ra's relationship. [kc]

Am I the only person who actually sees how much depth is in Ra and Bast's relationship? Holy f*ck. Take Bast, for example. She had to face literal chaos Apophis, imprisoned with him and to fight him and kill the snake over and over again for the sake of myths and keeping chaos down, as Ra ordered her too. To be trapped in an eternal conflict, an eternal war, and to never be able to even run away from it.. And preserving for millennials is incredible. Bast and Ra's relationship.. Bast would(and this is my opinion), that she feels very conflicted. They are father-daughter, and obviously Bast had spent her life loving and hating him. Now he was gone, she didn't know what to feel, and Ra kind of 'betraying' her for not telling her, and 'setting her up' with the serpent makes the relationship so much more complex and interesting. But imagine how Bast would feel. Imagine how Ra would feel. It makes it so complex, interesting but also so in-depth in every aspect of the myth. Although Ra had other daughters, they had never been especially close with Ra, and Bast was one of the only few gods who knew Ra deeply and personally. Bast was also Ra’s champion.
Above all of what Ra's done to her, she still shows her loyalty to him. That takes great courage, perseverance, loyalty and nobility. And behind all her playful and loving personality, I believe she's in pain. I've searched all myths and Bast is almost always beside Ra's side.. and having him not there anymore.. but also having Isis and Horus take Ra's place.. there is so much pain. Yet, still Bast hadn't expressed her distaste for them. That requires so much self skill.. and just not breaking down at the spot.. She also experienced so much life-scarring traumas.. such as being sent to battle Apophis for eternity.. and being betrayed for someone she had full loyalty to.. then watching everyone move on.. And knowing that Isis, (in a way, made Ra send her to fight Apophis).. Yet she doesn't put the blame on them.. or at least doesn't hint to it. She's so much of a character in depth. She's flawed, which makes her so much more and creates such a varied aspect of her personality.

I would have given ANYTHING for Bast to stand up to Ra after what he did to her. Wish Rick would make a scene like that, damn.
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2021.09.28 18:05 ScottinSC Took the long way to work this morning :-) Ravenel Bridge, Charleston, SC

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2021.09.28 18:05 SmallStevie2002 Good First Cigar

My friend of mine said that when we graduate from college, he’ll smoke a cigar with me. He’s never had a cigar before and I want him to enjoy it just as much as me. What’s the best cigar for a first timer?
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