[Proposal] $IBSI, a yield-bearing stablecoin index

2021.09.28 18:46 DeFiCoachBuck [Proposal] $IBSI, a yield-bearing stablecoin index

The Interest-Bearing Stablecoin Index [IBSI]
Summary: a formal proposal to the DAO for a Indexed V2 index of stablecoins that earn interest through Nirn vaults, weighted by weekly average interest rates.
This is a forward-facing proposal, as it will only be possible once our Balancer V2 upgrade is complete and Nirn can be fully integrated with our pools through an asset manager. Nonetheless, it’s worth entering this into the ring.
Note: I’m not married to this name at all, but I can’t work out a backronym for GAIN or EARN. Suggestions very much welcome!
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2021.09.28 18:46 R0adripper I swear freshman have no clue how to walk in a hallway

They are so aimless and tiny and I've walked into like 3 of them already because they look so lost even though school has been going for 3 weeks
Freshman need to learn to walk smh
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2021.09.28 18:46 DafuqBoom Best album closer, part 2 (years 01-17)

What's your opinion on these later years closers? They're all great tracks, but which you think is the best among them?
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2021.09.28 18:46 H12-df Anyone know where is the graphic and copy center

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2021.09.28 18:46 AliEvans Any idea where this quote was taken from?

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2021.09.28 18:46 CppCon CppCon 2021 Main Program Announced

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2021.09.28 18:46 Horror_Retrospective Franchise Review: The Addams Family (1991-1998)

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2021.09.28 18:46 spongetron5500 Weird feelings when falling asleep

So sometimes I get these feelings like my legs are literally on fire it can spread to my head arms chest the only time it happens is when I'm in the process of falling asleep. in the transition period when I awake from that because of the obvious fear and pain feeling. I realize that I'm not in pain whatsoever not even the slightest hint of pain does anyone know what this is?to give you an idea of how annoying and impossible it is to sleep with this imagine you are feeling perfectly fine happy and relaxed no pain smiling you start to drift off to sleep and all of the sudden you are laying on the surface of the sun you jolt awake and you feel like there is not an ounce of pain anywhere on you
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2021.09.28 18:46 Stan311 Tournaments

Hey! I'm sorry if this sort of post is not allowed here, if so please remove it. But does anyone know of any online UK or Europe weekly tournaments? Ty
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2021.09.28 18:46 AliEvans "You may not see it yet, but you will speak with reverence and awe of this, even to the end of your days: that you were here when we remembered who we are." - Kai and Fia of Flying Edna 💖

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2021.09.28 18:46 kissnation Skull Update (In comments below)

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2021.09.28 18:46 xNovaShadowx [XB1] H: AAE250 flamer+200k fuel+BE25 radium rifle W:TSE25 and VE25 or AAE25 handmade and 1 other legacy

Looking for either 2 handmades prefer AAE25 and VE25
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2021.09.28 18:46 RayzinPL Should i run?

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2021.09.28 18:46 ChangeNow_io Ethereum Miner Returns Accidental $23 Million Transaction Fee Wrongly Paid by Bitfinex | ChangeNOW

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2021.09.28 18:46 Crimson_Oracle Dome Runners Episode 40: Hangers-on Pt. 1

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2021.09.28 18:46 Cicoontour Does anyone know european suppliers?

Hello friends, I am trying to get into chainmail, even got myself a book that helped a lot with the confusion. The only problem is that every supplier I find is from the US. And either I am stupid or sellers that don't need me to have stuff hauled over the ocean are really hard to find.
Does anyone have recommendation?
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2021.09.28 18:46 YuQianIsABird had a project about earthquakes. lost myself in the process and accidentally wrote about floods.

im gonna lose my mind i can feel it
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2021.09.28 18:46 sb50cal I miss running past Calus' golden toes

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2021.09.28 18:46 draper_Flower Pizza guy fucks oiled pussy during the live stream on Stripchat - Eva Elfie

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2021.09.28 18:46 sidraecase Can I play Spotify music from my watch without my phone also connecting?

I usually hop on the Bluetooth speaker at work (salon), but I also have a lot of free time and want to be able to watch stuff on my phone without worrying it’ll come through the speaker as well. Is there a way to make the music only come from my watch? Ty in advance :)
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2021.09.28 18:46 Foshizzlemynizzle90 Mesprit on me. Trying to add 10, starting in 3min

8414 9284 5366
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2021.09.28 18:46 DaGhostyBoi COMMUNITY VOTE - What would you like to see added to FDH in Beta 1.7?

Enter this poll here: https://strawpoll.com/uz4jbzzgb
Most voted 2 options wins and gets added in FDH Beta 1.7! Good luck!
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2021.09.28 18:46 turtleycool38 Do most people not have any real emotions?

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2021.09.28 18:46 theold_berryboys how do I become a non-marxist socialist?

Marx said "seize the means the production", but my ideal is "abolish the means of production", I want a return to idilic nature. im an utopian socialist, but Im confused as what to read,how to explain it to others to share support,etc.
I wanted to start working in helping people from the republic's slums and doing volunteer work as an educator. all this based on a socialist goal,but without a marxist framework.Does this make sense?
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2021.09.28 18:46 alexrenken12 Bigger wheels on a Slash

I bought these 2.8 trenchers and I am wondering if I should change gearing. Current is 16/90.
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