Which was the best video game of all time and why?

2021.09.28 19:13 HankieHorker_32 Which was the best video game of all time and why?

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2021.09.28 19:13 playfuldragonfruit "I am so angry." (Plus One is the Loneliest Number)

I have been watching SATC since I was maybe 16/17 and I'm now 27, so one of my favorite things is "catching on" to concepts or phrases that my adolescent brain just... didn't get, ha. And I'm sure I'll continue to pick up on more nuances the older I get and the more my perspective changes!
That being said, did anyone else catch this full-circle moment in S5E5, when Carrie has her book party?
Samantha goes for her "mani pedi botox" and the PA/nurse says "you may have to say how you are feeling, such as 'I am so angry'" and the doctor says "Samantha is familiar with the procedure." Then at the end of the episode when Enid is freaking out about her mans being with his West Side lover, she makes a scene and says "I am so angry!" BC SHE HAS BOTOX TOO!! Major lightbulb moment for me, lol.
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2021.09.28 19:13 LordOfTheAssclowns Seattle Times loses its phones due to VOIP DDOS but refuses to report on it

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2021.09.28 19:13 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 19:13 lawdfaquad Common projects loafer or some Aldo or Geox retail loafer?

I was thinking, the cp loafer from playershoes would run me like 80 bucks without shipping and some aldo or geox ones would run me like 50-70 on sale. Which one do y’all think has better quality?
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2021.09.28 19:13 Azrael2027 Equinox is a great frame that needs a rework

Equinox’s whole kit and idea is being two frames in one, they embody two ideas and two concepts in a varied kit with entangled abilities.
When played however, there is definitely a gap between the two frames. It’s unbalanced in that you aren’t really encouraged to switch between them other than the overlooked metamorphosis buff.
Night form is defensive, with damage reduction for the whole team, the ability to put enemies to sleep in swathes, and the ability to regain shields and heal using their fourth.
Day form is offensive cc, with the ability to buff ability strength, increase damage done to enemies, and nuke
This is great and all, but it feels like there isn’t any encouragement to use both in one task. Without energy transfer, you really have to focus on staying in day form if you wanna use the nuke ability. When you have peaceful provocation, you never wanna leave night form, as In high level content you will likely insta die.
There should be further encouragement to use metamorphosis and use all of equinox’s kit when you play them. To do this, make it more interesting, have the other form be active when you’re not using like with duality, and keep duality as a temporary buff to the other form. This would effectively be like Wukong’s twin, albeit you would actually in a way play as both.
Pacify and provoke should stay active around each form even when you aren’t directly playing them, and they should run on temporary timers that get reset when you kill an enemy in radius while playing that frame. The same should be done for the fourth ability, with the old augment energy transfer instead unifying the stacked damage/heal.
P I think this would make an already good frame more fun to play, and would be a good way to implement something that fights for you without the game playing itself.
Tldr: equinox should have both forms active at all times, with the other form fighting alongside you, and your abilities should have timers that run when you switch, and refresh when you kill.
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2021.09.28 19:13 funk_with_dragons how can you abandon the system and just live on your own land somewhere in the woods?

why is the state following you everywhere you go. can't you just fuck off into the woods off the grid without being hunted down by the goverment for not paying taxes. what happened to the old days where you just could build a town in some shithole in the west. eveb if you have property you have to pay taxes. what if you want to build a crypt for your ancestors and yourself and you future chuildren. what if you don't want to work and just support yourself with farming and buildung. you don't earn money from that so how do you pay those taxes. its impossible to live without the state because it rules you
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2021.09.28 19:13 d3rptinuh This is my FA safe routine for sensitive/combination skin 😍

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2021.09.28 19:13 marcelust my instagram @mus.tattoo, open for commisions

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2021.09.28 19:13 SoulfulxKnowlege Mild pressure under right rib cage

So i have been taking amnesteem for the past 3 months, and just began my 4th. I did a 40/80/80 and just got prescribed another months supply of 80. I have been getting a weird side effect where I have this very dull pressure under my right rib cage and sometimes above my hipbone that does not hurt at all, but bothers me especially when I’m sitting. My acne completely cleared after month 2 and Iv continued to stay clear for the past month. What if I started only taking 40mg for the next 2 months considering I have enough to supply it? I am self payed and the monthly visits are getting costly. I also want to cut down the scale of side effects happening to me. I told my derm and she’s adamant on keeping me at 80mg. Has anyone ever attempted something like this before without relapse afterwards?
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2021.09.28 19:13 axel_et_toma Mario tieur

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2021.09.28 19:13 ComicStripsBot underestimate [They can talk.]

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2021.09.28 19:13 HuePythor For mini cup

Lf charizard less than 500 cp
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2021.09.28 19:13 Oscar-07 Why is this happening?

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2021.09.28 19:13 Slickro87 Another accomplishment

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2021.09.28 19:13 putmywillian One of the best 100k squads at the moment

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2021.09.28 19:13 turkishhabub Wie optimal den Aufstieg machen?

Die folgende Nachricht hatte ich einem guten Bekannten von mir geschickt der mir aber leider nicht sehr viel geholfen hat. Deshalb wollte ich mich bei euch auch mal erkundigen ihr Finanzgenies =).
Nun gibt es jedoch folgende Probleme. Und zwar möchte ich es nicht auf die „einfache Ausbildung“ belassen sondern mich beruflich weiterentwickeln. Nun gibt es verschiedene Wege dies zu erreichen, ich habe versucht diese kurz und kompakt aufzulisten. Möglichkeiten im Finanzamt: 1. Ausbildung beenden -> kündigen -> 1 Jahr Schulbank drücken (Fachabitur) -> auf das Studium bewerben => Gesamtdauer bis Aufstieg 1 Jahr 2. Ausbildung beenden -> zwei Jahre berufsbegleitend Fachabitur -> auf das Studium bewerben => Gesamtdauer 2 Jahre 3. Ausbildung beenden -> zwei Jahre berufsbegleitend Fachabitur -> auf den regulären Aufstieg bewerben (3 Jahre Probezeit nach Ausbildungsende + Ausbildungsnote - 1 Jahr (wegen Fachabitur) => 4 Jahre 4. Ausbildung beenden -> regulären Aufstieg bewerben (3 Jahre Probezeit + 2 Jahre (Ausbildungsnote) => 5 Jahre Hinweise: Aufstieg und Studium ist das gleiche nur wie man dorthin kommt und die Absicherungen sind die Unterschiede. Zu 1. Ich würde nach der Ausbildung kein Geld bekommen, während ich das Fachabitur nachhole und wenn ich mich auf das Studium bewerbe (und angenommen worden bin) bekomme ich (wieder) nur das Anwärtergehalt i. H. v. 1.100 € netto und ggf. kann ich entlassen werden, da nicht auf Lebenszeit verbeamtet. Zu 2. Ich würde nach der Ausbildung zwei Jahre unter dem vollen A6 Gehalt (1.900 € netto) arbeiten während ich das Abitur berufsbegleitend nachhole und danach kündigen und (wieder) nur das Anwärtergehalt i. H. v. 1.100 € netto und ggf. kann ich entlassen werden, da nicht auf Lebenszeit verbeamtet. Zu 3. Siehe 2. mit dem Unterschied, dass ich auf den regulären Aufstieg warten würde und dadurch die Absicherung bekommen, dass wenn ich es nicht schaffe ich meinen alten Arbeitsplatz zurück bekomme und schon auf Lebenszeit verbeamtet bin. Zu 4. Der „Ottonormal-Weg“ Ausbildung beenden drei Jahre die Probezeit beenden und auf die drei Jahre noch deine Abschlussnote. Bei 3. und 4. besteht nur die Möglichkeit sich auf einen Aufstieg zu bewerben und die Chance dass man direkt einen Aufstiegsplatz bekommt ist nicht sehr hoch. Bei 1. und 2. kann ich ggf. in der Zwischenprüfung (Laufbahnprüfung) nach 6 Monaten nach beginn des Studiums entlassen werden, wenn ich diese nicht bestehe. Das zu der beruflichen Weiterentwicklung.
Ich hoffe ich konnte mich kurz halten und den Sachverhalt halbwegs erläutern.
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2021.09.28 19:13 Aggressive_Diver7527 Must be nice to be rich… wtf. Why did she tag this stuff for us in her stories 😅 none of this is affordable at all

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2021.09.28 19:13 genesa01 Schickt mir Bilder für ein cumtribute

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2021.09.28 19:13 travlawl Horror themed podcast ad swap?

We recently put together an ad for an ad swap and are looking to cross promote with as many horror related podcasts as possible! If you have something then send it our way and we'll work something out with you.
We're What's Your (Least) Favorite Scary Movie? - Email is leastfavoritescarymovie@gmail.com
Also open to other cross promoting opportunities such as guest swapping as well
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2021.09.28 19:13 GlitteringDentist757 Modeling in risk from eviction regulations in NY and CA during the epidemic, it might lead to more decisions to keep an investment properties along the coasts empty or be on short term rental for property owners.

From a pure financial investment perspective, for the property owners the fact that they're stuck and need to pay the banks for a asset that's not performing, will scare them in renting out long term in the future.
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2021.09.28 19:13 Dylpooh A bred Made model? Yes please!

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2021.09.28 19:13 Pte_Madcap Which pi and accessories to purchase fpr pi-hole? (Canada)

I'm not tech savvy, but I think I have the gist of how to set up pi-hole. Just wondering which pi to go with, and which accessories, such as a case or display, would be nice to have. Thanks!
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2021.09.28 19:13 ChronicPains With the Nets in San Diego for training camp, Steve Nash will be playing an exhibition match tonight against Landon Donovan at Barnes Tennis Center prior to Andy Murray and Kei Nishikori's match.

If you're in San Diego, there's a good chance you could run into the Nets players this week who may be attending the star studded ATP 250 tournament in San Diego this week.
As a charity fundraiser, soccer star Landon Donovan will be playing Nets coach Steve Nash tonight as an opener for tonight's center court match, both being avid tennis league players in Southern California.
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2021.09.28 19:13 GhostfaceFromLL Photos or videos of ghostface at LL

So I took a ton a pics with ppl and a lot of people recorded me but I haven’t been able to find any. If you see this and we took a pic or you got a video of me hacking ppl up please send it
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