Automating the installation of Cloudbase-Init in Windows templates using Packer

2021.09.28 17:39 saintdle Automating the installation of Cloudbase-Init in Windows templates using Packer

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2021.09.28 17:39 Nav_playz It’s funny trust me

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2021.09.28 17:39 popV2 What does this mean? "[Encrypt] XXXXXXXX: View Request of Prospect / Candidate Information"

I just got an encrypted email from a corporate that I have sent two applications in that says "View Request of Prospect / Candidate Information". I have never gotten message like this, and I am just curious to see if that means anything at all.
Originally, I sent in an application for one of the multiple positions in the same department. A few days later, I got an email and a call from the talent acquisition team, telling me the manager wanted to me apply for another position. After a few weeks of quiet time, I got this email.
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2021.09.28 17:39 TheBlazeBot Squires: David French advocates for social and racial justice when he should promote biblical justice

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2021.09.28 17:39 chiefartificer Co-op world building?

I would like to know if any of the official 5E rule books include tips for co-op world building and fights without a map.
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2021.09.28 17:39 enrico212 Thank you to whoever did this

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2021.09.28 17:39 rockemsockem680 Earth, Wind & Fire - September Drum Cover

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2021.09.28 17:39 Jamila_120 Scared for our sisters

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2021.09.28 17:39 GodBlessTheEnclave- Since freezing causes microscopic icecrystals that can damage DNA and cell structures, drying people out the same way tardigrades do would likely be much safer way to preserve living people in stasis

Tardigrades are able to endure very extreme conditions by dehydrating themselves in a tun state and crystalizing their cells cytoplasm to preserve dna and other cell structures. Since freezing causes microscopic ice crystals to damage dna and cell structures, dehydrating people into a tun stasis would rid the body of that dangerous water making freezing them much safer. it would be possible for living humans to safely survive interstellar journeys that last thousands of years this way in this freeze dried state
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2021.09.28 17:39 WisDiego Sold Rolex I Received From My Dad - Tax Implications?

While visiting my Dad this summer in California, he gifted me the Rolex watch he wore for decades. Neither of us realized how much it was worth until I started looking into getting it serviced once I returned home to Wisconsin. When I started getting offers upwards of $75K, I asked him if he wanted it back. He asked me to sell it for him, so I did. I went through a respected Rolex watchmaker who took a 10% cut to find a buyer. My net was $60K for the watch after his 10%. The money was wired to me in two installments - $50K & $10K - due to a $50K/day limitation by the watchmaker's bank.
My Dad is the original owner of the watch. He paid $180 for it in 1960.
Can anyone tell me what my tax burden will be for this sale?
Also, the remaining funds will eventually need to go back to my Dad. I still have all $60K in my savings account until I figure out how much to hold onto for taxes.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.09.28 17:39 FewApple9174 Hercudoge BUSD Just Launched !—The Only Doge with BUSD Dividends!

HercuDoge - The Mightiest Memecoin with BUSD Dividends⚡️
A community-owned token heading for space, and not coming down until we all get our piece of the moon.
There's no real use-case for HercuDoge yet, aside from the awesome and large dividends received! No use-case? No problem. HercuDoge is built to rip, and all you have to do is hop on and hodl. The transaction tax is sent straight into a burned liquidity pool, constantly increasing price floors and deflating supply - leading to the easiest moonshot you'll ever see.
A safu-verified, automatic liquidity padding moonshot - for real. Check out the LP lock & Contract Renounce links in our telegram, and please dyor!
⚡️HercuDoge Tokenomics⚡️
1 billion total supply
7% Dividend Reward fee on each transaction, consistently providing a hefty side-hustle gain!
1% Marketing, 2% Liquidity will keep us alive and pumping for WEEKS at the minimum!
Max wallet size of 3%
There's really only one thing we ask; Help us grow and HODL! Without these two key components, we most likely will never make it past the atmosphere. A true moonshot relies on it's community!
HercuDoge has their LP LOCKED and Contract VERIFIED!
Contract: 0x5ac7e0fe1a9f1caa69094f3cd04df8b8a7bd38f6
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
The Mightiest of Memecoins: HercuDoge BUSD ⚡️
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2021.09.28 17:39 LucozadePapi What’s the funniest diss verse in jax history?

For me it gotta be foolio beatbox verse 😭😭😭 dat man said ‘DAMN’ ‘WADELSE?’
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2021.09.28 17:39 ClaudioMoravit0 Ces gens là, il faut les mettre en taule

Je situe le contexte : tu sors de tes cours a 5 heures, tu cours pour espérer attraper ton bus, et, quand tu rentres dans le véhicule, la sueur dégoulinant sur ton visage tellement l'effort a été ride, tu constates qu'il n'y a aucun place assise de libre. Soit, tu te déplaces vers le milieu du bus, où il y a plus de place et afin de faire rentrer ceux qui font exténués comme toi, et tu vois, non sans énervement, qu'un petit délinquant (des jeunes et des moins jeunes, je tiens à dire) s'assoient sur le siège côté allée, et posent leur sac sur le siège côté vitre, de manière à gâcher deux places, alors que tu est obligé de t'assoir sur le reposé sac a l'entrée (avec les énormes barres qui remontent et qui empêchent le présumé sac de tomber qui te brisent la moitié de tes os postérieurs et dorsaux. Voila Si vous en voyez des gens comme ça, pensez à moi
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2021.09.28 17:39 sadphilosophylover In what songs does he scream like in the end of I duckinf hatw you?

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2021.09.28 17:39 Gabschgo Ab Dezember mit'n Nightjet direkt von Wien nach Paris. Nice ÖBB!

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2021.09.28 17:39 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-TextPost-32691

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2021.09.28 17:39 jedwards8th September 28 is a Religious Holiday

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2021.09.28 17:39 Puzzleheaded-Look868 Eduard Spertsyan - it says that he is injured, does some one know more? Will he be able to play in October games?

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2021.09.28 17:39 Cheddarbaby Claiming drops, golden rage coat

can you still claim the golden rage coat? it says its claimable till aug 2nd but its not under then the twitch drops
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2021.09.28 17:39 pjones5150 WB Azelf adding 10 2907 1779 0599

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2021.09.28 17:39 20420 Clean Plate - Sheep carcass, killed and eaten by wolves

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2021.09.28 17:39 AcCiDeNt_BrO Cursed_work

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2021.09.28 17:39 ITFJeb Reccomendations for a fighting gym on the north side?

Looking to get back into it, any good places for a beginner on the north side? Kickboxing, boxing, jiu jitsu etc.
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2021.09.28 17:39 Manaos_Man02 Todos los lockes de folagoro

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2021.09.28 17:39 CosmosConstellation Court is Now in Session!

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