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Emperor Butterfly-Inspired Rock Garden

2021.09.28 18:58 AllenPro27 Emperor Butterfly-Inspired Rock Garden

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2021.09.28 18:58 Budgie2018 Dark Academia

Any recommendations for books with the dark academia vibe, particularly something written a little more recently (1990s and up)?
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2021.09.28 18:58 Intelligent-Taste994 Woman carjacked by man using bow, arrow, police say

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2021.09.28 18:58 cioncyan 26 [F4F] Bi-femme / Bi-curious wanted

Looking for someone who's game for g2g action while my bf watch.
He's about to celebrate his birthday and I wanted to surprise him with 2 pair of tits. Yung open minded sana this might be an ffm.
About me: Confident to swap pics (it's for you to decide)
PM for more details
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2021.09.28 18:58 mrthrowawaycanada A simple question: Why can't God, who created the whole universe, communicate directly with the whole human race? Why does he use "prophets" or "messiahs"? Just give the "Revelation" to everyone!

In religion, a prophet is an individual who is regarded as being in contact with a divine being and is said to speak on behalf of that being, serving as an intermediary with humanity by delivering messages or teachings from the supernatural source to other people.

The message that the prophet conveys is called a prophecy.

My question is WHY?!?! Why? Why use Men as your messengers? Men, who have notoriously bad memories and forget shit all the time. Why not talk directly to all of us?

If God had any brains, he would cut out the middlemen!

Instead, God plays a ridiculous children's game called Telephone, or Chinese whispers.

Players form a line or circle, and the first player comes up with a message and whispers it to the ear of the second person in the line. The second player repeats the message to the third player, and so on. When the last player is reached, they announce the message they heard to the entire group. The first person then compares the original message with the final version.

Although the objective is to pass around the message without it becoming garbled along the way, part of the enjoyment is that, regardless, this usually ends up happening. Errors typically accumulate in the retellings, so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly from that of the first player, usually with amusing or humorous effect. Reasons for changes include anxiousness or impatience, erroneous corrections, and the difficult-to-understand mechanism of whispering.

The best/worst example of this crazy Telephone game that God is playing is Islam.

God told the angel Gabriel who told Muhammad (who probably had schizophrenia). Major symptoms include hallucinations (typically hearing voices), delusions, paranoia, and disorganized thinking.

Muhammad had these "revelations" or hallucinations in cave. There were no eyewitnesses.

And Muhammad told his friends about his divine "revelations:. Then his friends supposedly "memorized" the Quran by heart. Then, many of Muhammad's friends died in the Battle of Yamama.

So, Abu Bakr (d. 634), subsequently decided to collect the book in one volume so that it could be preserved (after he realized that many of Muhammad's original friends were dead). Too little, too late.

Different caliphs came along, rewrote the Quran, destroyed other versions of the Quran.

Each caliph who came along, rewrote the Quran to make himself look good and others look bad. And every time they burned the old versions of the Quran.

And this is supposedly the Word of God. Fucking lunacy.
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2021.09.28 18:58 AngelsLanding41 34 [M4F] Worshipping You

When I'm in a certain mood, nothing brings me more pleasure/happiness than making someone else feel good. I'm in one of those moods, and I'd love nothing more than to worship and please every inch of your body. Absolutely no reciprocation necessary or expected.
I'm 33 years old and well built with darker features and some facial hair. I can host in Center City or travel to you, whichever you are more comfortable with.
If you are interested at all send me a message and we can work out the details. I'm more than happy to trade pictures/verify.
Hope to hear from you.
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2021.09.28 18:58 SpreeBurrito Kamikaze

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2021.09.28 18:58 carson_1011 do i take my ex back

im a senior in high school so me and my ex girlfriend talked for the first time in 7 weeks. while we were dating she was talking to other dudes that were just friends which made me insecure. we eventually broke up after a year of dating and 2 weeks later she had sex with another dude. then ended stuff with him then had sex with another dude. she tells me she was trying to fill the void. I truly do miss having a girlfriend and miss her and the way she made me feel. everyone hates her in my school doesnt like her now because she made me supper depressed. now she just came back to me and said she loves me still and says she could be with me forever. im truly so lost on what to do someone help me.
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2021.09.28 18:58 Jarnskeggr A decent days worth of drawing out langes messer and bauernwehr blanks

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2021.09.28 18:58 PaperMouseGames Taking My Monster Taming RPG from 2D to 3D! (Devlog)

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2021.09.28 18:58 friggincody Can someone explain how it makes sense that minions do more damage than cannon carts in BB?

Cannon carts add up to 753 damage per camp and they can get easily launched off the springs at multiple at a time, they are slow, and stupid. Minions do 924 damage and they are much faster. Its so easy to air raid you dont even have to think much about it.
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2021.09.28 18:58 prawnbiryani 佞賅扣

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2021.09.28 18:58 romain34230 Actualit矇 : Samsung travaille copier-coller votre cerveau sur un r矇seau de puces 3D

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2021.09.28 18:58 kadzmoney Red Witch 儭 $16k MCap 24 hours old BTC Rewards

Red Witch Token儭 is a BTC reward token
TG - https://t.me/RedWitchBSC
Contract address - 0x7ddc727eb83f08df4f015ea854bbc84aca069bcc
Buy - https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x7ddc727eb83f08df4f015ea854bbc84aca069bcc
Supply 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion)
5% BTC Rewards for holders (paid automatically)
5% Marketing
1% Auto LP
儭No Dev Wallets儭
We have a set paid marketing plan once launched and will look to triple our holders within 24 hours after launched. You can view this by typing /marketing in the chat.
決arketing after launch
We will trend on every subreddit. We will pause the chat for 1min... then upvote a reddit post.... then open chat. This will get us trending. The large subreddits will be paid for as they are harder to trend on. Type /marketing for more information on our weekly plan.
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2021.09.28 18:58 yourmomkt A book that will break my heart

looking for a tragic love story i.e., normal people, la la land, in 5 years. Tryna get my heart ripped to shreds. Thanks in advance!!
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2021.09.28 18:58 Dingy1337 Help me finding a fitting Amy Rose pattern (Max Height: 23)

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2021.09.28 18:58 ty2cool476 my favorite word in frnech

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2021.09.28 18:58 Lizard_Attack Azelf adding ten 5167 3627 4224 and 9810 2816 9266

Lets get this
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2021.09.28 18:58 Hey_Ciri Pretty Macro-Tracking Apps

Hey everyone,
I am WORN DOWN as a result of this panorama, as I know we all are. I care about nothing anymore, except looking at pretty things. Do you have any recommendations for a pretty app where you can track macros? I love the database on MFP but I am so bored of looking at that color blue.
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2021.09.28 18:58 applesauceilike Transitioning away from OOTB dev position. Seeking Advice.

I have an IT degree and completed a coding bootcamp earlier this year. Afterwards, I landed a job as a Software Engineer at a big well known company. I work on an OOTB software so I more so do admin work on it but I do develop customizations when necessary. I mainly use JavaScript and a bit of JAVA plus XML, HTML, etc in a Linux environment with Apache and MySQL. Not sure how to leverage this to move into a more standard development job and cant find any good resources or courses that are similar to all my skill sets?
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2021.09.28 18:58 anonuser-al Albtv

Si mund tja bej qe te shof trafikun e albtv sepse dua te shof kanalet ne telefon meqe albtv mobile nuk punon m kur hap menun e albtv nuk me nxjerr ndonje menyre per te vendosur ndonje proxy ose dicka tjeter. Faleminderit
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2021.09.28 18:58 astrozombie801 Is anyone else disappointed with the price of the pioneer decks?

When they released the standard challenger decks last year its not like they didn't have (at the time) comparable value to these decks, the only difference being pioneer is a "non rotating format" but is that really worth almost 55$ usd? Some of them have good cards but most are one ofs and as far as reprint equity almost all cards of 10$ plus value have been reprinted recently or in a secret lair.
I was hoping to pick up a couple of these to play with friends or use as bones but I don't think I will at retail price.
Do yall think its a fair price? Do you think they'll stay in stock long enough to get price slashes?
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2021.09.28 18:58 LuckyAsparagus1694 What crazy or disturbing thing did a politician in your country do that made them immediately lose your vote?

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2021.09.28 18:58 romain34230 Xiaomi Q1E 55 : un t矇l矇viseur QLED d'entr矇e de gamme pour (enfin) percer

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2021.09.28 18:58 Pikapower221 New Pok矇mon/form? (Statues on top of the flags) credit to GameboyLuke

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