Calculating availability

2021.09.28 19:45 Dismal_Club Calculating availability

I'm looking for the best ways to calculate availability.
For example if we guarantee our customers 99.9% availability, how do I monitor this?
I have Pingdom configured to monitor our web app and API endpoints and can see seperate availabilities for each of those, but I'm interested to know if there's a way to combine these into one overall availability percentage?
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2021.09.28 19:45 this_is_theone Test mid-range but Free T very high. Due to low SHBG?

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2021.09.28 19:45 liriosbellos #Lo que 🔴ganes con tus 🙏manos, eso comerás; 🤗gozarás de dicha y prosperidad. #Salmo 128: 2 🥰#Tehilim #128 :2 ✅ #byliriosbellos #artanddesign

#Lo que 🔴ganes con tus 🙏manos, eso comerás; 🤗gozarás de dicha y prosperidad. #Salmo 128: 2 🥰#Tehilim #128 :2 ✅ #byliriosbellos #artanddesign submitted by liriosbellos to FromCostaRica [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 19:45 303Majestic what does nfr crow add for 2 fr frost dragons

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2021.09.28 19:45 imhavingadonut NParents who are useless at child care (rant)

Does anyone else have Nparents who are beyond useless at child care?
I am trying to move some boxes out of my parents’ house by this weekend (at their request). Mom works full time so that leaves elderly NDad to help watch my newly walking toddler. I go to the garage with baby to sort boxes and ask NDad to help me watch her.
“I’m too busy, sorry.”
This is always his response when asked to do literally anything. He’s not busy, he just doesn’t want to be arsed.
Then he asked me not to touch the garage door opener (he has OCD and is OBSESSED with the garage door opener).
I said “sorry, I’m too busy. I have to move these boxes” (LIKE YOU AKSED) “and watch the baby. Honestly I don’t know how I’m going if to move all this stuff by the weekend while watching the baby…”
Finally after almost throwing his second tantrum of the week, he agrees to watch her.
Unfortunately, all that entails for him is repeatedly saying “Don’t go over there” and “Don’t touch that”… in case you weren’t aware, toddlers don’t take to instructions like that. She needs stimulation and redirection, not an endless litany of “No.” I know it’s been a while since he has watched children. Still, it’s grating that he can’t do the simplest task.
Having him there while trying to move boxes was more anxiety provoking than just trying to watch the baby by myself. It is actually like watching two toddlers.
Finally he left even though I didn’t directly ask him to. He probably forgot I gave him a task to do.
BTW in case you’re wondering if he’s senile— it’s more like “selective listening.” He only hears and remembers what he wants to hear and remember. He had a full check up including MRI and he’s healthy.
Literally my cat is a better caregiver than the old fart.
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2021.09.28 19:45 wikthemself Hi, is there a name for this tattoo style? I can only find examples of it from Eastern European artists but I was trying to find a tattooist like that in the U.K.

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2021.09.28 19:45 heinaga1989 $NEZUKO, there's no stopping her now. The OG waifu token in ethereum is running harder than ever. Don't sleep on this cutie!

It's only been 4 days since $NEZUKO has launched and they're still killing it. They hit a mcap of 7.2m (fully diluted) when they were just on Day 2 and expectedly some profit-taking happened.

Now they've been ranging at 5-6m for the last 2 days with more whales from Floki, Saitama, Shib and Luffy aping in. It looks like it's poised for another run towards creating a new ATH!

The team has also announced that their whitepaper and utility will be dropped this week, while also hinting towards developments of Generative NFT's which will provide yield through staking/airdrops.

Exclusive $NEZUKO merchandise for top holders will also be available soon

This isn't your typical anime token folks, it's your WAIFU token. Join us as we surprise the Ethereum network with it's next monstrous (but cute) moonshot!

Highlights for $NEZUKO so far:

-Over 500 holders already
-ATH at 7m mcap (fully diluted)
-Listed on CG
-Constantly trending on dextools
-Whitepaper to be released this week
-Utility to be announced in the whitepaper
-Potential partnerships with other Anime tokens incoming
-Saitama, Luffy whales have bought in already
-Generative NFT's to be produced on October

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2021.09.28 19:45 ReviewEquivalent1266 Democrats are desperately trying to pass $4.6 trillion in new spending despite the fact that the government has exhausted its debt limit. The government can't afford what it has ALREADY spent if it doesn't increase the debt limit in the next three weeks.

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2021.09.28 19:45 serhm Decided to test my invincible bones against Mother Earth at a full 34 year old sprint and lost. Smell ya later, fellows.

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2021.09.28 19:45 MOHASH82 Got a note that my combo card being produced no update on my family ones

Got an update that my combo card is being produced, about a month after second expedite request , any idea when my wife and kids can get thier combo card as well?
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2021.09.28 19:45 mysterious_blade Cutest Video Of All Time!

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2021.09.28 19:45 MisfitSlayer This is complete crap!! This “combo” ruins historic. Please share your thoughts!

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2021.09.28 19:45 otakugo 6 Anime tương tự Boku no Pico

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2021.09.28 19:45 oatmeal_squares Victory! Small wins story.

I have seen a lot of posts on here about how to manage ‘grooming’ with an ever increasing belly, so I thought I’d share my small personal victory.
I am someone who gets waxed every 4-6 weeks (legs and Brazilian), and on several occasions have done it myself when I didn’t feel like going in (typically with a large glass of wine). However, every time I have gone in since being pregnant my new waxer comments on my changing anatomy, and quite frankly I was tired of hearing it. So, I had the convo with my husband about helping me for the remainder of pregnancy (33 weeks currently) and he was on board! But then this morning, I woke up feeling like superwoman and made the bold decision to do it myself! So now I am very proudly freshly waxed, without having to endure comments about what’s swollen and what isn’t from a stranger at the wax center, and feeling 100% accomplished with navigating my crazy changing body :)
So here’s to hoping all of you can find something that helps you feel a bit more like yourselves today!!
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2021.09.28 19:45 El_Fachas193 Buenos días aquí con unas fotos de rdr2

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2021.09.28 19:45 chriscrow3 D2R: Col/Cold Duration Bugged?

I've been noticing a lot of weird stuff occurring with cold lately. Wondering if I'm crazy, or forgetting how things worked, so I wanted to toss this thread out to see if anyone else is having issues.
- Cannot be Frozen possibly bugged; I was using Hawkmail leveling up, and would get frozen by things such as Duriel's cold aura
- Half Freeze Duration; I have half duration items on, 2 of them to be exact, but my cold time seems to be very, very long. Maybe even longer than usual. 20, maybe 30 seconds.
- I am occasionally frozen by random sources; I have been frozen by random mobs that don't appear to have any cold enchant to them. These are not minions or enchanted at all. The two minions I've seen are Carvers and Ghorl Lords from Arcane Sanc. Do these mobs have innate cold damage?

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Am I crazy or misunderstanding something?
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2021.09.28 19:45 aprasar FAR CRY 5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 32 - FAITH SEED (THE BLISS) (FULL GAME)

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2021.09.28 19:45 DarkWhirlpool The pattern my pasta left

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2021.09.28 19:45 ladywarrior14 You won’t break me even though you had a good go at it!

To my ex
You are an abuser - you don’t know any different though. I am the 6th woman you have abused & really you need to stop. It’s not me, it’s not them, it’s YOU!
You need therapy - you have had C PTSD for 5 years now without a diagnosis or treatment & you keep using it as an excuse for your behaviour - self diagnosed through books & then telling all your ex’s & me that we have personality disorders - it’s not me, it’s not them, it’s YOU!
You live like a feral beast - it’s not right that your partner has to live with you like that, you are disgusting, weird, sick & damaged & you are not going to change but I will!
I’m going to come out of this a stronger & wiser person - you tried to break me but you didn’t succeed & now I am free to find a real & true lasting love with someone who will respect me, love me, care for me & never wish to control, manipulate or abuse me!
You will remain trapped in your narcissist hell forever more, searching for love, finding it & then pushing it away.
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2021.09.28 19:45 Lalalalkskskdlkwneb Join the Onlyfun leeks 18+ Discord Server!

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2021.09.28 19:45 RevolutionaryFun9249 🙌 I won

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2021.09.28 19:45 Maestro805 IF YOU OWN BBIG you are BBIG!!!

Give a shout out to the BBIG shareholders!!!🎉🎊
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2021.09.28 19:45 samantha_succubus need help $60 will get me thru the week 🖤

hi friends i’m new here but i am very desperate. my unemployment was cut off without warning & i’ve been applying for things but it’s hard to find stuff i can get to because i don’t drive (& haven’t gotten any call backs anyway). i only need like $60 to be able to get thru the week for food for me & food & litter for my cat (picture of him in comments) 🖤 i have venmo @/demoncrybaby cashapp $lilsemendemon & paypal @ crybabycutiepie 🖤 thank you so so much for reading
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2021.09.28 19:45 EuldritchTheObserver I have a bandcamp with over 130 releases but i'm only promoting it now 'cause i'm stupid

I'm here to shill my bandcamp, where you'll mostly find slowed down versions of songs and video game soundtracks (sometimes with reverb) and a crap ton of Bull of Heaven covers since I am embarked on a project to cover EVERY SINGLE BULL OF HEAVEN SONG, and considering there's +400 songs is gonna take a while lol. Oh, and there's some original music too. I aim for weekly releases, sometimes even daily, but don't be surprised if there's gaps and i don't upload anything for the day.
Here's the bandcamp link:
Oh, and there's also a YT channel with "videoclips", mostly videos with the song (A slowed down + reverb one mostly) with some specific background gameplay:
Here's a list of all releases in chronological order:
Gravity Has Failed
i see the flames coming and it makes me shudder.
The Scar [At The Gates' Cover]
64 Bit Smashing In A Three Dimensional Space-Time Continuum [Super Smash Bros. Original Soundtrack (slowed down)]
Into The Dead Sky (At The Gates' Cover)
No-License SPEED and POWAHR [Gran Turismo 2 OST [slowed down + reverb]
Be not daunted thereby, nor terrified, nor awed (Bull of Heaven Cover)
Sic Faciunt Omnes / Everyone is doing it. [Bull of Heaven Cover]
I Watched You Enter Your Home From Inside A Dumpster (Bull of Heaven Cover)
Like Waters Flowing In The River's Course (Bull of Heaven Cover)
Night's Great Perimeter (Bull of Heaven Cover)
Gran Turismo PSP Original Soundtrack (slowed down + reverb)
The Thought That Counts [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Superstring Theory Refuted (Bull of Heaven Cover)
Superstring Theory Verified (Bull of Heaven Cover)
Gran turismo 3 original soundtrack (slowed down + reverb)
Gran Turismo 4 Original Soundtrack [slowed down + reverb]
A Series of Elaborate Precautions [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Leviathan's A Silhoutte In Splinters (paulstretched + reverb)
FILASTOX. slows down the action 52 soundtrack
There Is Nothing Hidden That Will Not Be Revealed [Bull of Heaven Cover(s)]
Odd Things, Brick Buildings
Man-Lizards, Masters of Venus`[Bull of Heaven Cover]
Everything. [Slowed down by FILASTOX.]
A Low Quality Vaporwave Rendition Of The Pokemon Emerald Soundtrack
A 48 Hour (!) Spectacular Extragavanza Cover: Even To The Edge Of Doom, a Bull of Heaven Cover
A Curious Picture You See With Your Eyes Closed [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Some Vast Unknown [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Unity Exists in the Categories [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Elsa, Are You In There? [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Tunnel Chaser
We Seem to Share Your Distress (Bull of Heaven Cover)
The White Ivy (Bull of Heaven Cover)
The Long Count [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part XIII) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part XII) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part XI) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part X) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part IX) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part VIII) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part VII)
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part VI) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part V) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part IV) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part III) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
The Final Mystery Is Oneself [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Up To The Rim Of The Hollow [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Our Light Is A Voice (Bull of Heaven Cover)
In That Shadow Lurks A Smile [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Become Smaller And Smaller [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Legend of Degree [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Its Bones Are Soft [Bull of Heaven Cover]
i don't have an album title
Quetzalcoatl and the Ancient Astronauts [Bull of Heaven Cover]
nightcore is for weebs
monoaural garbage
Space-Walking Your New Way Home [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Axiom of Choice [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Drowning Howling
Did You Know That The Bible Has All The Answers? [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Childhood, I Miss You (Sun Devoured Earth Cover)
Swift as a Trodden Serpent Turn and Strike! [Bull of Heaven Cover]
generating the earth
is this vaporwave (yes, i know vaporwave is dead, shut up and let me have a life)
Hollywood Rock (The Rock's 2003 Theme Remixed)
Snaketion (Jake The Snake Roberts's Theme Song Remix-es)
Aghartha (filastox's monoaural garbage remix)
first day of creation
Babylonian Mathemathics [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Upon One Pair Of English Legs (Bull of Heaven Cover)
A Foot In Place Of A Foot [Bull of Heaven Cover]
A Wall Between Two Gardens [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Get Tree Body (Brainwash Solution) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Grilled brain with bacon
Narcolepsy: Melting [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Narcolepsy: Four Thousand BC [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Car Shop (カーショップ)
As Two From Ten Thousand, Parts I And II [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Foreign Ideas, Alien Philosophies (Bull of Heaven Cover)
Death In Our Pockets (Bull of Heaven Cover)
Death With Every Step (Bull of Heaven Cover)
earth is no longer (y)ours
Phanthom Emitter: An album made using only unexplained ocean sounds
Constellation (Constelación)
"dude, i like noise but this garbage you made is terrible, you should quit making music and get a real job wtf" ("amigo, me gusta el ruido pero esta basura que has hecho es terrible, deberías dejar de hacer música y conseguir un trabajo de verdad wtf")
Timeship 2012 [Bull of Heaven Cover]
The Myth of Dinosaurs [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Reptilian Takeover [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Abandoned Civilization (Civilización Abandonada)
Names Of The Beheaded Dead
La Tristesse Durera Toujors (Bull of Heaven Cover)
Lions on a Banner [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Hydroponic Gardens
Elsa, Are You In There [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Death Had Taken Them, One By One (Bull of Heaven Cover)
The Birth And Death Of The Day (An Explosions in the sky plunderphonics remix thingie)
A White Surveillance Van [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part II) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
In That Shadow Lurks A Smile [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Tale of an Earth Man [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Like The First Pinecone [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Narcolepsy: Dreamtime Collapsing [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Pre-Human Spawn Of Cthulhu [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Spirits Clad In Veils [Bull of Heaven Cover]
First Our Pleasures Die [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Narcolepsy: An Introduction [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Sun Ritual (Bull of Heaven Cover)
By What Eternal Streams [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Inflame Thyself In Praying (Part I) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Guns, Girls, Psychoactive Drugs (Birth And Redeath) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Criminals, Fair And True [Bull of Heaven Cover]
A Corpse In My Arms on Awakening [Bull of Heaven Over-32-Hours-Long Cover]
In Human Form This Fiend To Slay [Bull of Heaven Cover]
They Found Her Footprints There [Bull of Heaven Cover]
The Longest Distance Between Two Places [Bull of Heaven Cover]
His Tail Dragged a Third of the Stars of Heaven [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Die, Patriarch! The Screams Of Infancy [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Your Way and Your Face Are Stainless (Bull of Heaven Cover)
bull of heaven
The End of the World Must Be Coming (Bull of Heaven Cover)
The Marchers With Left Leg Extended [Bull of Heaven Remix]
A Perspective, Not The Truth [Bull of Heaven Cover]
This Is The Primal Identity [Bull of Heaven Cover]
A Great Fire-red Dragon With Seven Heads And Ten Horns [Bull of Heaven Cover]
A Half-Grown Boy in Sea Clothes [Bull of Heaven Cover]
The Abyss of Human Species (Bull of Heaven Cover)
Mysterious Signals From Glowing Orbs [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Objective Contempt, Objective Conscience [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Without Hope, A Mute Offender (Bull of Heaven Cover)
A Killer's Apology Rebuffed (The Destroyer) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Far from The Black Ocean (Bull of Heaven Cover)
You Took Dead Bones And Covered Them With Bodies [Bull of Heaven Cover]
He Dwells On The Shores Of The Sea
A Lovely Pear
Reasoning In State Hospital
Eleven Floors Down (Bull of Heaven Cover)
He is Not Dead, But Sleepeth (Bull of Heaven Cover)
Depth Unknown
Wave Cauldron
Waivering Pulse
The Vast Cavities Of The Hollow Earth And The Booming Winds That Resound Through The Tunnels
Spears Of Heaven
S5 0014+81
Gravity Anomaly
No Light
you do not want a response.
Hyperspace Traveller
Exo Jungle II
Exo Jungle
bathed in the light of pistol star
Camp Barneo
Return of Ghost Sheriff (Werewolves Are Chasing Me) [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Sun Planet
TC-78-SX (The Burning Hole That Swallows The Cosmos's Infinite Light)
Weed Problem [Bull of Heaven Cover]
Electric Universe
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2021.09.28 19:45 WestWorld- Part 6...WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVORITE HERO ?

The others are coming....
View Poll
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